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  • How to Host a Cookie Decorating Party for Kids

    cookie decorating party table setting

    If you are looking for a fun holiday party idea for your kids, then why not host a cookie decorating party. There are lots of fun themes you can choose, but I wanted to use these adorable Santa and reindeer party goods. So, I decided on a Santa + Reindeer Cookie Decorating Party in red,... Read more

  • Holiday Party Idea: Merry + Bright Ornament Decorating Party

    merry & bright ornament decorating party

    Looking for a fun holiday party theme for your kids or your girlfriends? Why not throw an ornament decorating party in a Merry & Bright theme. This colorful tableware was the inspiration for this party setup. The colors are so bright and the graphics are absolutely adorable. While... Read more

  • Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

    winter wonderland party ideas

    If you have a birthday during the winter colder months, why not throw a Winter Wonderland theme party. And if it's a first birthday party, you can call it a Winter Onederland. This would also be a great time to have a Frozen inspired party. Here are the primary party decorations you wil... Read more

  • How to Create a Self-Serve Trick or Treat Bar for Halloween

    halloween trick or treat candy bar

    If you are having a Halloween party for your little friends, why not have a self-serve trick-or-treat bar? It's easy to put together, so cute, and the kids will love it. Create this look with whatever color scheme you like best. I chose to go with something completely non-traditional. B... Read more

  • How to Prepare A Charcuterie Board for Halloween

    halloween charcuterie board flat lay

    Are you planning a Halloween party or attending a party? Need something spooktacular to make? Why not prepare a charcuterie board! They are all the rage in food networks, easy to make, and so yummy. What is a Charcuterie? You may be asking, what is a charcuterie and how do you even pron... Read more

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