Host a Dazzling New Year's Eve Party | 2024 New Year

by Liesel Kelly December 21, 2023 3 min read

Host a Dazzling New Year's Eve Party | 2024 New Year

It's time to start planning your end-of-year celebrations! As 2023 comes to an end and you start writing down your new year's resolutions, plan a fabulous party to celebrate your accomplishments and future endeavors! We set up a new year's celebration that will dazzle your guests and get you excited for starting a new year. So read on and see how to Host a Dazzling New Year's Eve Party!

Black and Gold New Year's Eve Balloons | The Party Darling

New Year's Eve Party Balloons

It wouldn't be a New Year's Eve celebration without a balloon display! Add a pop of excitement with Gold, Pearl Black and Pearl White balloons. Spice up the balloons with a Happy New Year Banner with funky gold fringe and a Gold Stars and Circles Banner beneath that. Add in some Black and Gold Paper Party Fans for some extra pizazz and dimension to your backdrop.

To make your backdrops extra Insta-worthy, pop in a White New Year's Clock Balloon and Black Happy New Year Balloon! Finally, style a large Matte Black Starburst Balloon at the base of backdrop or use it as a prop in your Instagram photos. 

Black and Gold New Year's Eve Party Bar Cart | The Party DarlingToast the new year with a festive arrangement of drinks on a bar cart! On the top of the bar cart we have a few bottles of champagne with Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes for cheers-ing the New Year (and easy clean up)! 

New Year's Eve Drink Tags | The Party DarlingAre you always losing track of your drink or comparing lipstick marks to figure out whose glass is whose? Don’t stress about mixing up glasses anymore with our New Year’s Eve Drink Tags! If you are worried you might forget which symbol you chose, you can write your name on the tag since they’re made of paper!

New Year's Eve Party Bar Cart | The Party DarlingAdd some cupcakes to the mix to give your guests something sweet to snack on! We just spruced up store bought cupcakes with black and gold sprinkles and Black and Gold Confetti Baking Cups!

On the bottom of the bar cart, we have kept with the black and gold color palette with some fun festive sparkling waters and a gold hard cider. Our Inflatable Confetti Poppers are scattered all around the bar cart, these poppers will shoot confetti everywhere when you squeeze them after inflating!

Black and White Striped Baking Cups | The Party DarlingThrow in some salty snacks to offset the delicious cupcakes, by throwing some pretzel snack mix in the Black and Gold Baking Cups. We sprinkled some of the festive sprinkles around the cake stand with the pretzel mix.

New Year's Eve Party Popcorn | The Party DarlingWe filled some Gold Pinstripe Cups with a yummy popcorn mix for some extra snacks!

New Year's Eve Table Decor

New Year's Eve Table Decorations | The Party DarlingAt the table, we started each place setting with a Black and Gold Plastic Dinner Plate. These heavy duty plates are wonderful for parties and are easily reusable! On top of the dinner plate, we have a Gold Star Plate for more snacks and treats.

A festive Pop the Bubbly Napkin sits on top of the stack of plates with a Gold Star Place Card next to it! Use this place cards to guide your guests where to sit, or make an activity out of it and write your New Year’s resolutions on the cards!

New Year's Eve Party Hats | The Party DarlingTo the side of the place settings, a Happy New Year Lunch Napkin rests underneath Gold and White Plastic Cutlery. One of our Black and Gold Stars Party Hats sits at each place setting for each guest to put on as they toast the new year.

For guests’ drinking pleasure, we have Gold Rimmed Plastic Cups with a Gold Star Paper Straw for sipping ease!

New Year's Eve Party Table | The Party DarlingWe have our Gold Sequin Table Runner as a festive base to our New Year’s table along with more of our inflatable confetti poppers. And don’t forget to throw in some beautiful floral arrangements to liven up the party!

We are excited to see what the new year brings, it’s going to be a good one! So to kick off this wonderful new year, follow our tips and tricks to host a Dazzling New Year’s Eve Celebration!


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