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by Liesel Kelly May 29, 2024 3 min read

Kentucky Derby Party Decor | Off Two the Races Party | The Party Darling

There's just something so stylish, chic and feminine about horses and ponies; no wonder the Kentucky Derby is such a legendary event! We set up the cutest horse themed party that would be perfect for any horse lover or a 2nd "Off Two the Races" birthday party. So read on and we will walk you through everything you need for a Kentucky Derby Horse Themed Party! 

kentucky derby party decorations

Winner's Circle Background Decor

For this girly party, we opted for a balloon garland in various shades of pink to add a touch of femininity. Underneath the balloons, we draped our Horse Party Garland. Although this banner comes pre-strung, you can easily rearrange it to suit your style! The garland features an array of cutouts, including different horses, gold foil trophies, gold foil horseshoes, and award ribbons, which can be combined in any order. We also used some extra cutouts to decorate our backdrop, adding a cohesive and charming touch to the party decor.

A large White Horse Balloon and Trophy Balloon enhance the backdrop, adding extra dimension and winning details to the decor. These standout elements bring a festive and memorable touch to the overall party atmosphere!

kentucky derby party table decorations

Photo (Finish) Worthy Table Decor

In the middle of the table, we decorated with beautiful flowers in colors seen throughout the party decorations. We also have a Pink and White Striped Table Runner spreading the length of the table for dimension and protection against spills! 

kentucky derby party cupcakes and snacks

We filled two pink cake stands with store-bought cupcakes, giving them a special touch using a cupcake kit. Although this particular kit is no longer available, you can easily enhance your cupcakes—whether store-bought or homemade—using any baking cups, cupcake liners, or toppers of your choice. The In Full Bloom Cupcake Picks, for instance, would beautifully complement this theme!

Our girl Aubra with Objection Confections hooked us up per usual with some incredible hand-made cookies that perfectly match the decorations on the table. And, yes, they do taste as good as they look! 

We also have our Pink Treat Cups filled with some delicious snack mix resting around the table up for grabs! 

Hats off to Place Settings

kentucky derby party place setting

Our beautiful place settings are set with Pink Checkered Dinner Plates underneath a Horse Lunch Plate (no longer in stock, see Horse Lunch Napkins or Pony Lunch Plates). We added a little horse shoe with name tags to each plate combo for an extra fun and personalized touch! Each guest is awarded a Pink Award Ribbon Lunch Napkin along with a Yeehaw Horseshoe Dessert Napkin. These fun, festive napkins add a touch of equestrian fun to the table. 

Resting next to the plate set, we have our sweet Pink Heart Wooden Cutlery for easy snacking (and guilt-free disposal since they're made from biodegradable wood!). 

kentucky derby party place setting

Each guest is a winner at this party! Everyone's place setting has a trophy cup. Unfortunately these are out of stock as well (will update as these items become available again! this theme was just SO popular!) but in the mean time, our Let's Go Girls Cups or Yeehaw Paper Cups are the perfect substitute! Or you could use Clear Plastic Flutes and tie a beautiful bow to the stem for a lovely feminine touch as well.

kentucky derby party

For some more equestrian elements, add in some plastic horses around the table. These would be fun just as decoration, or you could write guest's names on them as place cards and party favors! Sometimes the littlest detail can make such a difference on a party table! 

kentucky derby party | off two the races party

Horses and ponies have an undeniable stylish, chic, and feminine charm, which is why the Kentucky Derby is such an iconic event. We hope our guide to creating the cutest horse-themed party has inspired you, whether it's for a horse lover or a "2nd Off Two the Races" birthday celebration. Now you're ready to host a fabulous Kentucky Derby Horse Themed Party that will be remembered for years to come! Happy party planning!

kentucky derby party inspo

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