Western Party Trends

by Liesel Kelly June 13, 2024 2 min read

Western Party Trends | The Party Darling

Howdy, y'all! Western parties are trending, so we're roundin' up our favorite parties based on this fun trend! With cowboy party decor with bandana napkins, cowboy boots and horse balloons, your little one will be the rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the wild west. The cowgirls get a little more attention with this one, with themes like cowgirl and pony, disco cowgirl and honoring the queen, Dolly Parton! So read on and see our favorite Western Party Trends! 

Cowboy Party Inspo | The Party Darling

1. Cowboy Party

Wrangle up some fun for your little roughrider with our cowboy party decorations! With Cowboy Hat Plates, Cowboy Boot Napkins, and Horse Balloons, your young cowboy will have a rootin'-tootin' good time celebrating another year of ropin' and ridin'!


Cowgirl and Pony Party Supplies | The Party Darling

2. Cowgirl Party

Saddle up for a good time celebrating your little cowgirl with our cowgirl and pony party supplies! Your gal will love the Pony Lunch Plates, Pony Party Dessert Plates and will want her own pair of Pink Cowgirl Boot Napkins! Whether you're celebrating a birthday or success at a horse show, these party decorations will have her hootin' and hollerin' with joy! 


Disco Cowgirl Party Inspo | The Party Darling

3. Disco Cowgirl Party

Get groovy western style with our disco cowgirl party supplies! From funky fresh Let's Go Girls Banners and Pink Disco Ball Plates to shimmery Disco Ball Backdrop Curtains, we have a little somethin' for all the disco cowgirls out there! 


Dolly Parton Party Supplies | The Party Darling

4. Dolly Parton Party

Pay homage to the Queen of Nashville with our Dolly Parton party supplies! Ask yourself What Would Dolly Do with cute napkins, eat off of I Beg Your Pardon Plates and don't forget about Jolene with our Be a Dolly Dessert Napkins! Even if you work a 9-5, you can throw an awesome country party! 


Celebrate a western way of living this summer with a western party. Whether you're celebrating your little cowboy's Rootin' Two-tin' second birthday, your cowgirl's Wild Wild West birthday or you're throwing a disco cowgirl bachelorette party, we have what you need to wrangle in some good times! 

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