Summer Pool Party Ideas for Kids Birthdays

by Liesel Kelly May 22, 2024 2 min read

summer pool birthday party inspo

As the heat climbs and cool activities becomes more inviting, nothing beats cooling off at a fabulous pool party. Whether it's a cozy hangout with your besties or a big, buzzing bash that's the talk of the town, summer pool parties offer endless possibilities. This blog, however, is dedicated to the kiddos who never get their birthday celebrated in school -- summer birthdays! So, come on in and join us as we explore the joy of Summer Pool Party Ideas for Kids Birthdays! 

mermaid pool party inspo

1. Mermaid Party

Every little kid has asked "do you want to play mermaids with me?" so make this dream a reality with a magical mermaid birthday party! Splash into a world of imagination and girly fun with mermaid balloons, shell plates, iridescent banners and more. This party theme will give your little mermaid memories that will last a lifetime! 


pirate pool party inspo

2. Pirate Party

Turn your back yard into the open ocean and throw your little land-lubber a party fit for a pirate king with our selection of pirate party supplies! From eye patches and pirate hats to "Pirates Party" banners and treasure chest decorations this party fulfill any little matey's pirate dream! 


shark pool party inspo

3. Shark Party

Shark parties and pools just seem to go hand in hand. While you'll be safe from any real sharks in your backyard, decorate the party space with a variety of jaw-some party supplies! From cute smiling balloons to realistic cupcake stands, throw your little shark lover a party they'll love! 


under the sea pool party inspo

4. Under the Sea

It just makes sense to have a pool party with an under the sea twist. Fill your pool sea creature floaties and decorate the party space with under the sea banners, octopus balloons and a variety of sea creature plates and napkins! Whether your child wants to be a marine biologist (as so many of us once did) or is just fascinated by the wonders of the ocean, this party will help them live that dream! 


summer birthday pool party inspo

So whether your child is into mythical creatures, scary sharks, plundering pirates or the magic of the ocean, throw them a party by the pool this summer with decorations that will transform your backyard into a magical space. 

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