Top 5 Party Trend Predictions for 2024 Spring/Summer

by Liesel Kelly February 08, 2024 3 min read

2024 spring summer party trend predictions

We're back! It's been a while, hi:) we have been so busy here at The Party Darling, going to market, unboxing new products and putting them on the website and preparing for a BIG announcement (coming soon!) that the blog has been on the back burner. But no more! We're coming back at you with our Top 5 Party Trend Predictions for 2024 Spring/Summer! Let's dive in! 

2024 Trend Predictions: bows!

1. Bows

Ok, this one is obvious, bows are EVERYWHERE lately! So we had to hop on this trend and stock up on some products with the cutesy feminine touch. Our newest additions, the Pink Bow Napkins and Blue Bow Napkins are the talk of our office right now, they're so cute and whimsical, how could you not want these at every meal! Our new Easter banner, Bunnies With Bows ties in the bow trend and celebrates the Resurrection. 

2024 Trend Predictions: RETRO

2. Throwing it Back to Retro

Retro is back, baby! We've been seeing the retro vibe everywhere. From the way people have been editing their photos to the home decor aesthetic, the retro vibe is in! From new Blue and Pink Daisy Plates, Pink and Orange Daisy Cups and Pink Face Daisy Plates to Retro Love Bug Plates, you don't need to look anywhere else for your next retro party! Don't forget our new Pink Daisy Napkins and Retro Rainbow Plates

2024 Trend Predictions: FLORALS

3. Florals

Floral decor is in for Spring / Summer 2024! We're really digging into femininity in 2024, think soft girl aesthetic. It's time to bring life back into your home, and florals do just that! Elevate your party with Springtime Blooms Dinner Plates, Springtime Blooms Lunch Plates and Springtime Blooms Napkins. Add in a nice Pink Floral Balloon and throw in some Springtime Butterfly Dessert Plates! Celebrate femininity this spring and summer; it's in! 

2024 Trend Predictions: HOBBIES

4. Hobbies

One trend we've really noticed catching a lot of traction lately is aesthetic hobbies! Celebrate your athletic side with some of our new cups and napkins. Dive into your tennis girl era with our Over Served Dessert Napkins, Tennis Love Dessert Napkins, and Tennis Dessert Napkins. Get your mahjong on with our Mahjong with Mah-girls Cup and Get Your Mahjong On Dessert Napkins.

Dink a bit with your pickleball buddies with our Pickleball Plastic Cup and Pickleball Served All Day Napkins. Become the queen of the green with our Blue and Pink Golf Gear Napkins, keep score with our Eagle Birdie Par Bogie Napkins and sip a golf cart cocktail with our (you guessed it) Golf Cart Cocktail Cup and keep spills at bay with Tee Time Napkins. Embrace your hobby era this year with the best selection of hobby accessories! 

2024 Trend Predictions: TAYLOR SWIFT

5. Taylor Swift

We all saw the post, Taylor is releasing a new album in April, which means she's not going anywhere anytime soon. With everyone still on a high from her worldwide Eras tour we will 1000% still see Taylor Swift inspired parties. Go all out for the Lover Era with a Pastel Butterfly Balloon, Ombre Disco Ball Napkin and Holographic Disco Ball Napkin.

Throw it back to RED with 22 Balloons, an XOXO Table Runner and a Kiss Me Lips Balloon. Get a bad reputation for the Reputation Era with Black and Cream Heart Plates and a Black Starburst Balloon. Count down to the Midnights Era with a Midnight Clock Balloon and Disco Ball String Lights. There's so much more inspo we've pulled from the Eras Tour, maybe we'll do a whole blog on that inspo?? But for now, see our vision boards highlighted on our Valentine's Day Instagram highlight

2024 Spring/Summer Trend Predictions | The Party Darling

We feel so inspired that 2024 is going to be a fantastic year, we're obsessed with all of the trends so far!! Be sure to tag us in all of your adorable parties on social media and let us know on our Instagram what your favorite trend predictions are for 2024! 

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