Throw the Greatest Circus Party on Earth

by Liesel Kelly June 20, 2023 3 min read

Throw the Greatest Circus Party on Earth | The Party Darling

Are you done clowning around with basic parties? Come one, come all to the hub for extravagant party inspiration to throw a three-ring circus birthday or carnival party! We threw a bright, fun circus party with wild banners, cups, plates, and treats. This is your ticket to Throw the Greatest Party on Earth!  


We started by making a balloon garland with the four primary colors of the circus color palette. (If you’re interested in exactly how we made this balloon garland check out this blog, where we take you step by step through the process!) 

Carnival Game Signs

We strung a Carnival Banner through the balloons with various circus icons dancing across the string. There are also Carnival Party Signs scattered around the balloons pointing to different attractions at your circus party! Behind the colorful balloons, the Circus Party Fans are hung up on the wall to add extra color, texture, and dimension. 


Our treat table is quite the spectacle to be seen! Full of cupcakes, popcorn, and peanuts, there’s something for everyone. We have the ticket strand of the Carnival Banner strung up on the treat table, drawing in the colors and theme of the party.  

Circus peanuts in striped box

A classic circus snack: peanuts! When I think of a circus, I always picture cracked peanut shells all over the well-traveled ground. The whole peanuts here are in our Popcorn Treat Bags that embody the essence of circus peanuts.

Circus Popcorn Decorations

We have another signature circus snack in beautiful red and white striped boxes at the back of the table. Another staple circus snack is obviously popcorn! Here we have it filling up Red Striped Popcorn Box with a ticket from our Carnival Banner cut off and attached to the box. This is a fun trick when you have extra length from a banner or want to use the adorable cutout pieces elsewhere. The varying colors also help distinguish who’s snacks are who’s. 

Carnival Cupcake Kit

The characters on the cupcakes are dancing around, displaying their various talents. This Carnival Cupcake Kit features a ringmaster, dancer, mime, clown, and strong man—the perfect circus performers! The cupcakes sit in beautiful baking cups to add color and pizazz to the delicious snack.

Circus Treats

We found this on-theme taffy at a local grocery store. It has the perfect vintage look and the colors from the color palette! 

Carnival Cake Toppers

We rounded up this beautiful sprinkle cake from a local grocery store and added our Cake Toppers to the top of the cake. This cake topper kit features a ringmaster, a strong man with a cannon, direction signs, and flags to complete the circus scene! 

Circus Character Cups

The characters from the cupcake kit are featured again on these Circus Cups framed with a velvet curtain and surrounded by stars. These paper cups, with colorful characters and dazzling designs, are perfect for your carnival party decorations!


Circus Table Decor

Ladies and gentlemen, the main attraction; the dining table! Let the fanfare begin. Running through the center of the table is a Carnival Table Runner with a solid white center and red triangle stripes and gold stars on each side. 

Circus Baking Cup with Snacks

We have small red cake stands around the middle of the table holding circus animal crackers in baking cups from our Cupcake Kit. The cupcake picks stand up in the animal crackers making an attractive display of each circus performer.

Carnival Tent Plate

Underneath each circus-themed plate is a Gold Dinner Plate sturdy enough to hold all the circus snacks you can dream of! The Carnival Tent Plate resting on the gold plate shows off the style of the party and features an adorable big-top circus tent! 

Carnival Red and Gold Cutlery

Beside the plate duo, a Blue Plaid Guest Towel is supporting Red and Gold Cutlery that compliments the color scheme in the plates next to it. 

Carnival Treat Box

We have Circus Treat Boxes on the table as extra decoration packed with carnival party favor potential. These fun boxes come deconstructed with a lid, so you can fill them with delightful treats for your guests to take home. 

Carnival Treat Boxes with Lids

Fill circus favor boxes with snacks, candy, little toys, or a small gift for each of your guests. Pro tip, get some custom cookies that match the theme to fill in these boxes—it will be a hit!

Gold cup with circus ticket

Each place setting has its own Gold Cup, so they can sip whatever you decide to serve! There is a Red Striped Straw in each cup and a circus ticket cut from our Carnival Banner on each cup as decoration. You can also use this fun trick of cutting up a banner and labeling each guest’s cup with a different piece to avoid mixing up drinks! 

Circus ticket on a cup

If you are struggling with boring parties and want to add some wild fun and clownery to your life, follow these party tips and tricks in this blog to throw the Greatest Party on Earth. You will wow your guests and have them asking you to be the ringmaster of their next party! 

Throw the Greatest Circus Party on Earth

Save this blog for inspiration, and check back for more colorful parties and fun themes! 

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