How to Make an Easy DIY Balloon Garland

by Stephanie Eckman June 07, 2023 3 min read

How to Make an Easy DIY Balloon Garland
Are you looking for a simple way to add some pizzazz to your party decor? A DIY balloon garland is just what you need! Creating a balloon decoration is perfect for the days before your next party or event when you want to save time decorating but still want something special. With just a few supplies and a little time, you'll have the perfect decoration to make your party look festive and fun.


  • 11" latex balloons
  • 5" latex balloons
  • Fishing line
  • Command hooks
  • Glue dots
  • Handheld balloon pump
  • Electric balloon inflator

Supplies needed to make a balloon garland

DIY Balloon Garland fishing line to hang


STEP 1: Start by filling the balloons two at a time using a handheld balloon pump  (recommended) for 5" balloons and an electric balloon inflator (highly recommended) for the 11" balloons. Don't worry about making the balloons all the same size. Variation in size looks best for an organic-style balloon garland.

DIY Balloon Garland Step 1
DIY Balloon Garland 11in

STEP 2: Once the balloons are filled with air, you can start by tying the balloons in sets of two. If you're using four different colors of balloons to create a mixed-color balloon garland like ours, you can tie two colors together and then the other two. 

To create a color block pattern like a rainbow balloon arch, tie all the balloons in each color group together first, then add the next color group, and so on.

DIY Balloon Garland tie two balloons
DIY Balloon Garland tie two balloons

STEP 3: Take the two sets of balloons and twist them together. For the next set of balloon clusters, include a group of 11" balloons and tie them with a pair of 5" balloons. Alternate between the 5" clusters, 11" clusters, and a mix of both sized balloons. This will make more sense when you see the image below in Step 4.

DIY Balloon Garland twist balloons together
DIY Balloon Garland cluster

STEP 4: Once you start tying the balloons in sets of 4, lay them out in the order you would like to display them in the garland.

DIY Balloon Garland clusters

STEP 5:  Tie the fishing line around a balloon in one of the balloon clusters and knot it tightly a few times.  Be sure to leave extra fishing line on each end for hanging.

DIY Balloon Garland tying together

STEP 6:  Take the next foursome of balloons and wrap the fishing line a few times around one of the balloons and then pull the fishing line away while pushing the balloons together. Continue adding the balloon clusters in this same manner until all balloons are used. Be careful pulling the fishing line through balloons to avoid slicing a balloon.

DIY Balloon Garland string together

TIP: If a balloon deflates before the party, cut it out with scissors. Be careful not to pop other balloons with the scissors, though. Inflate an extra balloon and use a glue dot to secure it in its place.

Completed Balloon Garland

STEP 7:  Decide how you will hang the balloon garland, and then use command hooks on each end to hang it with the remaining fishing line.

Completed DIY balloon garland


Now that you've assembled your balloon decoration, it's time to show it off at your special event! Use balloon garlands to decorate railings, entryways, photo backdrops, or as table centerpieces. There are so many options to display your beautiful decoration! 

Make a balloon arch to serve as the focal point of your event. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding reception, consider making an arch out of white balloons with ribbons and flowers attached. 

Spruce up a cake table with a balloon garland. To do this, attach one end of the string to the top edge of the table and then continue draping it around the sides until it reaches the floor level where your guests are standing or sitting. Alternatively, lay the garland along the center of a table for a fun balloon table runner. 

DIY Balloon Garland Circus party


The great thing about this DIY party decoration is that you can customize it however you want—simply pick your favorite colors or patterned balloons! You can also create different lengths of garland to match any occasion or decor style: short for birthday parties, long for weddings and baby showers, and extra-long for graduations...the possibilities are endless! And if you don't have any particular reason in mind? Just let your creativity run wild with all kinds of different balloon combinations! 

I hope you have fun making your own balloon garland! If you make one for your celebration, please share photos with us on our Instagram page!

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