Throw a Girly Galentine's Day

by Liesel Fagg February 02, 2023 2 min read

Throw a Girly Galentine's Day

Everyone knows Galentine’s Day is a national holiday. Not everyone has a significant other to spend the 14th with, but everyone has some besties to celebrate with on the 13th! So round up your best gals and throw a Girly Galentine’s Day Celebration!💗 galentine's day party

There’s something just so classy and fun about a bar cart! Especially when you surround it with balloons and fill it with rosè and heart-shaped cookies! We got this bar cart from Amazon and obvi did the balloons ourselves. We sprinkled the Love Potion Balloon“Love You”, and Pink Arrow "Love" balloons into the balloon garland for an extra pop of love!

lipstick piñata valentine's day party

Next to the balloons is our Giant Lipstick Piñata sitting in anticipation of the holiday! We draped the Pink Vertical Heart Garland across the front of the cart, lining the delicious treats that are displayed on the shelves. 

custom valentine's day drink stirrers

We chose to display our drinks on the top shelf of the cart, front, and center! These gorgeous glasses showcase a sweet red drink, custom drink stirrers that we made on our GlowForge, and our Valentine Heart Straws

valentine's day bar cart

Sitting beside the tulips and White Claws are Valentine's Baking Cups waiting to be filled with snack mix that is resting in a heart-shaped dish nearby! There are also beautiful Heart Shaped Napkins that come in three different colors! 

Valentine's Day Baking Cups

On the bottom shelf, we have cupcakes sitting inside the same Baking Cups that are featured above! Several different snacks are sprinkled around the Heart Plates. How delicious do these strawberries look?? 

Valentine's Day treats

This Galentine’s Day setup is such a perfect, girly way to celebrate your precious friendships. So run, don't walk, over to our website to grab everything you need to Throw a Girly Galentine’s Day!

Galentine's Day photo shoot

We had so much fun with this adorable Galentine's Day shoot! With all the delicious snacks and fun props, this is definitely going to become a yearly tradition! 

Galentine's Day party

Be sure to save this blog so that you can come back to find all the tips and tricks you need to throw a Girly Galentine's Day Celebration for your besties! 


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