Ring in a Glamorous New Year

by Liesel Fagg December 16, 2022 3 min read

Ring in a Glamorous New Year

I honestly feel like I wasjust celebrating New Year's Eve, raise your hand if this year has flown by! Even though I'm sure we're all in shock that the day has come to start writing our resolutions, booking new gym memberships, and purging dirty old habits, that doesn't mean we can't send this year off with a bang! Keep reading if you want toRing in a Glamorous New Year! 

 new years eve party ideas

Round up your black-eyed peas and any other New Year's traditions you have and decorate your home for the annual ball drop! We put together a fabulous balloon garland with different elements of solid black and white balloons and shiny gold and silver metallic accents! Thankfully mixing metallics is trending again because this is too cute. We used the Disco Ball balloons, the Gold Clock BalloonSilver Starburst Balloon and the Giant Champagne bottle balloon just pop against the solid colors behind them! 

New Years tinsel

We took one of our Gold Fringe garland and cut it into smaller pieces to hang around the balloons. This way you don’t have to try to work an entire garland into one small area and you can add pops of fringe in different places around your balloon garland! 

happy new year gold banner

The Silver Fringe Backdrop was too long for what we needed, but also not wide enough. So what did we do? Improvise of course. Just like the gold fringe banner above, we cut the banner into segments and taped them together to create a wider banner that spread across the whole wall as needed. We also used leftover pieces on the floor as fun giant confetti! This "Happy New Year" banner has hollow letters, this is such a fun design except when your already metallic backdrop makes it difficult to see. Again, improvisation was necessary and we worked around the issues! We cut little pieces of black paper and taped them behind each letter on the banner, now the words stand out and this gives you a fun option to switch it up with different colors and styles of backgrounds! 

new years eve party table

Every party needs a cute table display and we went all out for this one! Each place at the table has a Black Star Plate with a little Silver Star Plate on top, this can be used for desserts or just more room for the delicious food you will provide! We’ve given guests some White and Silver Cutlery to use as well as options of Pop Fizz Clink and champagne bottle napkins to either use or keep for the memories (people do that, right?). 

disco ball tumbler

We used a Disco Ball Tumbler at each place setting for drinks. These are great for parties because they’re adorable photo props and don’t spill as easily when things get rowdy! These tumblers come with a pink straw, but we switched it up and added a Gold Striped Straw that fit our party aesthetic better! Never forget that you can substitute certain elements of party decor! Like when stringing up a DIY banner, feel free to use a funky ribbon or even fun string lights to hang it up! 

new years eve party hat

It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without party hats. We’ve provided every guest with their own party hat at their place at the table. Some say “Happy New Year” while others just have a pretty pattern in gold foil embellishing the matte black cardstock paper they’re made out of! 

mini plastic champagne bottles

We have three black cake stands adorning the table. The two bordering the center cake stand have little Party Favor Bottles with white candies inside! Fill these bottles up with whatever kind of colored candy, confetti, fun drink, or other snacks that will go with your party! Joining the favor bottles on the cake stand are fun Party Whistles guests can blow when the clock strikes midnight and the New Year is here! 

new years eve snack table

On the middle cake stand, we used our finally restocked Gold Confetti Baking Cups and filled them with mini store-bought cookies! You can make your own cookies or cupcakes (feel free to bake right in the baking cups!) or plop in some store-bought treats like we did here! With this kind of glamour, no one will even notice. 

new years eve party setup

Dramatically draped over the backs of the chairs, we have two different star banners. One Solid Silver Star banner and a Gold Cutout Star banner. We always love decorating the backs of chairs, it makes them look more intentional and not feel left out! We also have placed a Martini balloon off to the side as a photo prop and a little pop of festivity!  new years eve party setup

So whatever your New Year’s traditions are, we hope that you add The Party Darling to the list and use these tips and tricks toRing in a Glamorous New Year

Happy New Year from The Party Darling! 

New Years Eve Party

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