Throw a Bright Summer Bash

by Liesel Fagg May 31, 2023 3 min read

Throw a Bright Summer Bash

Sunny days ahead! For so many people, it was a long winter, but that just means sunshine is on the other side of the cloudy-ness! It’s time to throw pool parties every weekend, use the grill every night and never wear real clothes (swim suits only)! So grab an ice cold lemonade and set up your pool umbrella, we’re about to Throw a Bright Summer Bash!

Drinks on Deck summer pool party! | The Party Darling

Every party needs to start somewhere. I love to find one inspiration piece and base all of the other decorations around that! For this party, I was inspired by these napkins that I have been obsessed with lately. These “Drinks on Decknapkins just scream “summer” to me and the colors are stunning! I knew I just had to use them, so I designed a whole party around them. My advice is to pick out your inspo piece then pick out colors in balloons, plates that match, and other additional supplies within the same color palette. Confused? Just keep reading ;)

Bright Summer Bash Balloons

I already had this blush, tan and white balloon garland laying around (because everyone has those laying around, right?) These colors compliment the table decor so nicely, but I had to bring in a pop of blue, like in the napkins! So I added some blue balloons in various clusters throughout the garland. I just used rubber bands and looped it around the new cluster and secured it to the garland. We made this addition super easy for anyone looking to add another color to one of our balloon garland kits! Now, on our website, you can buy a pack of 6 individual balloons to have in case one pops, you want another color, or you simply need more balloons! Bigger is always better, right?? 

I also added some small disco balls throughout the balloon garland to bring in the theme on the table and also give it a funky fresh pop!

Summer bash party

This checkered pattern is PERFECT for summertime (and if you’ve seen any other recent setup, you know I think it’s perfect for everything). I have Peaches n' Cream Dinner plates at every place setting with a Pink Check Dessert plate to offset the orange and bring in more of the pink from the napkins!

Drinks on deck napkins

The star of the show! The main event! The inspiration behind the whole party, the Drinks on Deck napkins! These adorable napkins embody “summer” to me. The stripes remind me of a beach ball and the colors are so happy and tropical! These happy napkins are at everyone’s place setting to give them a little taste of summertime. 

Beach Bum cup

 Even though it’s hot summertime, you can still have a frosty cup! These Frosted Beach Bum Cups are so fun for your summer soirées. They are made of a durable plastic that is reusable, so you don’t have to worry about throwing these fun cups out. There is a Gold and White Striped Straw in each cup for those who can’t drink without one (cough cough, me)! 

 Pink flamingo drink floaty

Ok, don’t get upset. These super cute drink floaties are almost permanently sold out on our website now, but ! I think these are so much fun for a pool party so you can float your drink in the pool, or just use them as a centerpiece like I did here!!

Summer pool party overview | The Party Darling

Let’s not forget about the center of the table! Snaking across the length of the table between individual disco balls is our Disco Ball String Lights Once you add batteries to these bad boys, they light up like the Fourth of July! Or you can string them through a balloon garland OR use them as a centerpiece like in this photo!

 Swan inflatable drink holder

I hope this gave you all the inspiration you need to have fun in the sun this year and throw a Bright Summer Bash!

Throw a Bright Summer Bash | The Party Darling

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