Celebrate Your Super Dad

by Liesel Fagg May 24, 2023 2 min read

Celebrate Your Super Dad

Even dads need attention. I know a lot of them will say they're fine and don't want a party, but come on, they deserve love too! So this Father's Day, Celebrate Your Super Dad with a fun star-studded party! 

Super Dad Father's Balloon

We based this party off of this awesome "Super Dad" balloon! The colors for this Father's Day party are perfect for that manly dad that probably doesn't like a "big commotion" made of the day, but still secretly likes the attention. 

#1 DAD Foam Finger Balloon

For that sporty dad that somehow always finds foam fingers at baseball games (we all know the type), this balloon is perfect! It says "#1 DAD" on it with gold stars on a shiny dark blue background. Show your dad he's #1 with this balloon!

"Dad" Party Pennant

As if your dad isn't already getting enough recognition from the party already, we have this adorable "Dad" party pennant that we have placed in a red and white bouquet of flowers! 

Super Dad Father's Day Place Setting

We have our Red Striped Star Dinner plates at the base of every place setting with Blue Star Dessert Plate layered on top.

Blue Striped Guest Towel

Alternating at every place setting is either a Red or Blue striped guest towel to give guests something to keep themselves clean and tidy with!

Blue and Gold Cutlery

We put cutlery in opposing colors on each of the guest towels alternating at every spot! So on top of the red guest towel is a set of blue cutlery and on the blue guest towel is a set of red cutlery

Posh Gold Cup

At every place setting, there's a gold cup for every gold star dad with gold star straws to match his vibe! 

Dad's Root Beer for Father's Day

We found these super on-brand "Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer" bottles at our local Reasor's Grocery Store that are perfect for the kids to drink while the dads crack open a cold one with the boys!

Blue and Red Baking Cups with Cupcakes

We placed some store bought cupcakes inside Red and Blue striped baking cups to complement the red and blue plates on the table! We also got these cupcakes at Reasor's, they always have the most delicious bakery goods and it's so easy to plop the pre-made cupcakes into a baking cup to spice it up a bit! 

Star Sparkler

We also stuck a star sparkler in the cupcake. These add such a fun pop of excitement to a party and give that pyro dad a rush of excitement when the sparkler is going!

Father's Day Party

Running down the middle of the table is our Star Table Runner, this has all the colors from different parts of the table in the form of beautiful stars that are also seen around the table!

Mini Star Balloons

Speaking of stars, we have these precious 4.75 in star balloons scattered around the table, the floor and in and out of the balloon garland. This gives the party an even more star studded look! 

I hope this inspired you to throw your super-star dad a super-star Father's Day party!

 Celebrate Your Super Dad This Father's Day!

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