How to Make a Simple Balloon Garland

by Stephanie Eckman September 16, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

how to make a simple DIY balloon garland

Have you ever wanted to decorate your kids birthday party or friends bachelorette party with a DIY balloon garland but you were afraid it might be too hard? It may look intimidating, but our easy party hack makes it a cinch to create a simple organic balloon garland. I'll help you get it done in under an hour—it is SO easy to create. 

balloon garland tutorial supplies


  • 11" Latex Balloons
  • 5" Latex Balloons
  • Fishing Line
  • Balloon Pump
  • Command Hooks
  • Glue Dots

    Balloon garlands are all the rage nowadays. You see them at birthday parties, baby showers, and even weddings. And you can have one too at your next event! Just follow the instructions below to create an organic balloon garland for your next party.


    STEP 1: 

    Start by filling all the balloons with air using a balloon pump (no helium needed). Make sure to tie each balloon tightly. Don't worry about making the balloons all the same size. Variation in size looks best for an organic style garland.

    balloon garland tutorial use balloon pump

    TIP: To create a more rounded balloon, smoosh the balloons by using your hands to push from tie-end and opposite end toward the center of the balloon. Be careful not to push too hard so you don't pop the balloon!

    balloon garland tutorial smoosh balloons

    See how much more rounded the balloon is on the left? This step is not necessary, but I prefer the larger balloons to be more rounded.

    balloon garland tutorial smoosh balloons compare

    balloon garland tutorial balloons blown up

    STEP 2: 

    Once you have all the balloons filled with air, you can start by tying the 5" balloons in sets of two. If you are using four different colors as we did, then you can tie two colors together and then the other two colors together. 

     balloon garland tutorial tie two balloons

    balloon garland tutorial tie two balloons

    STEP 3: 

    Take the two sets of balloons and twist them together.

    balloon garland tutorial combine balloons 

    balloon garland tutorial tie and combine

    For the next set of balloon clusters, include one of the 11" balloons and tie with a 5" balloon. Then twist with the other two 5" balloons in remaining colors. Alternate between the 5" clusters and the clusters with the 11" balloon. This will make more sense when you see the image below in Step 4.

    STEP 4:

    Once you start tying the balloons in sets of 4, lay them out in the order you would like to put together the garland.

    balloon garland tutorial layout balloons

    STEP 5:

    Tie the fishing line around one of the balloons and knot tightly a few times.  For this 6ft garland, we used 8ft of fishing line. Be sure to leave 1ft of the fishing line on each end for hanging.

    balloon garland tutorial tie with fishing line

    balloon garland tutorial tie knot in fishing line

    balloon garland tutorial pull fishing line

    STEP 6:

    Take the next foursome of balloons and wrap the fishing line a few times around one of the balloons and then pull the fishing line away while pushing the balloons together. 

    balloon garland tutorial tie fishing line around next set

    Continue adding the balloon clusters in this same manner until all balloons are used.

    balloon garland tutorial tie clusters together

    STEP 7:

    Decide how you will hang the balloon garland and then use command hooks on each end to hang with the remaining fishing line. If needed, use glue dots to adhere balloons to the wall in order to hold the shape of garland in place.

    how to make a balloon garland

    I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY Balloon Garland tutorial! Within an hour this DIY balloon garland will add a darling touch to any birthday party or shower’s decor. 

    Be sure to check out our DIY balloon garland kits I put together to match our party supplies themes. Our kits come with all the components you'll need so you'll be ready to show off your DIY skills in no time!

    Let me know how your balloon garland turns out in the comments below!

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    how to make a simple balloon garland

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