Throw a Whimsical Woodland Christmas Party

by Liesel Kelly December 06, 2023 2 min read

Woodland Christmas Party | The Party Darling

'Tis the season for holiday parties every weekend! If you're looking for a December celebration with a twist, yet still want that timeless Christmas charm, you're in luck! Follow along as we unveil the magic behind our Whimsical Woodland Christmas Party

Botanical Balloons

Woodland Christmas Classic Balloon Garland | The Party Darling

In our balloon garland, we've embraced the timeless Christmas spirit with a classic red and green color palette. Adorning the space beneath, our Woodland Christmas Banner takes center stage, featuring charming woodland icons such as deer, mushrooms, and trees!

Woodland Table Decorations

Woodland Christmas Table Decorations | The Party Darling

Spanning the length of the table, we have our Merry Christmas Script Table Runner adding some Christmas charm. In the center of the table, we have one of our 17" Honeycomb Christmas Trees setting the woodland scene. Beneath the tree we have some various forrest-y accessories, like pinecones and these adorable Mushroom Candles

Woodland Mushroom Christmas Table Decor | The Party Darling

Embrace the woodland charm with our Pine Cone Placemat as the foundation to each place setting! Our Mushroom Lunch Plates introduce an additional whimsical element to the table. Indulge in a delightful sipping experience with our Clear Gold Rimmed Cup, complete with a Red and White Dot Straw that perfectly complements the cute mushrooms!

Woodland Christmas Table Decorations | The Party DarlingAdding a playful twist to the table, we've alternated the mushroom plate settings with Christmas Tree Lunch plates, perfectly paired with charming Mushroom Cocktail Napkins! Embrace the joy of diverse place settings, offering a delightful way to incorporate more decorations without overwhelming the design!

Woodland Christmas Party Napkins | The Party Darling

Every guest received a Brown Plaid Guest Towel paired with an extra Holiday Tree Shaped Napkin for both spills and added festive flair! Atop this napkin duo, a bundle of Red and Gold Reusable Cutlery or Green and Gold Reusable Cutlery, with a Pinecone Place Card tied around the cutlery in a bow. Personalize the pinecones with each guest's name or leave them blank for a charming touch!

Woodland Christmas Table Decorations With Snacks | The Party DarlingAround the table we have a variety of sweet and salty treats for guests to enjoy! We used a large wooden board to style different Christmas themed snacks on, and finished it off with some mushroom candles in the middle! Along with white cake stands filled with unique treats, we have Green Treat Cups beside every place setting filled with a delightful popcorn variety! 

Woodland Christmas Table Decor | The Party DarlingElevate your holiday celebrations this year by stepping outside the box with this magical Christmas party theme! Embrace the charm of traditional Christmas colors infused with woodland whimsy. Save this blog for all the tips you need to Throw a Whimsical Woodland Christmas Party this year! 

Throw a Whimsical Christmas Party | The Party Darling

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