Throw a Christmas Party For the Kids 2023

by Liesel Kelly November 08, 2023 4 min read

Throw a Kids' Christmas Party | The Party Darling

Tis the season to start planning Christmas parties! Christmas came early at The Party Darling and we are already stocked up, ready to ship our your Christmas orders. Typically, holiday parties are focused on the grown-ups, office Christmas parties, friend get-togethers, and the like, but what about the kids? Throw a Christmas Party For the Kids this year with our favorite new decor lines!

Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Party | The Party Darling

Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Party | The Party Darling

1. Sugar Plum Fairy Party 

Step into a winter wonderland of enchantment with our Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas party! Immerse yourself in the magical world of sugar plums, twinkling lights, and whimsical decor. This line is where dreams come to life, making your holiday season truly unforgettable. This decor is perfect for a dance class Christmas party or a little dancer's December birthday. 

Hand out delicious snacks on Sugar Plum Fairy Lunch Plates, fill Treat Boxes with ballet themed trinkets, and let the kids sip on cider in Sugar Plum Fairy Coffee Cups

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Party | The Party Darling

Cookies for Santa Tray | The Party Darling

2. Elf on the Shelf Party

Transform every nook and cranny of your home into a playful hide-and-seek adventure with whimsical elf on the shelf decor! Whether your family joins in the Elf on the Shelf tradition or not, one thing is for certain: these decorations are an absolute must-have!Our Mini Elf Flags are ideal for your mischievous little elf to proudly wave each morning as the kids excitedly search the house for their festive friend; while sipping some hot cocoa from an Elf Collar Paper Cup of course!

Take it to the next level and throw an Elf party for your kiddos and their friends, have them write letters to Santa and decorate for the arrival of their elf!

Gingerbread House Decorating Party | The Party Darling

Gingerbread House Plastic Tumbler | The Party Darling

3. Gingerbread House Decorating Party

During this festive season, juggling all the Christmas traditions can be a challenge, but there are some that are simply worth rearranging your calendar for – like the timeless tradition of gingerbread house decorating! Gather all of your kids' friends together and host a delicious gingerbread house decorating party. 

Adorn your home with adorable Felt Banners, lay out all the candy on Wooden Gingerbread House Boards and give each kid their own Gingerbread House Tumbler! This is a party they'll never forget!

Letters to Santa Mailbox | The Party Darling

Letters to Santa Free Download | The Party Darling

4. Cookies for Santa / Secret Santa Party

No matter if you're throwing a festive cookies for Santa decorating party or organizing a fun Secret Santa party, our Santa and reindeer party line is the ideal addition to your festivities! However your kids like to celebrate Santa's yearly visit, fill your home with jolly red and white decorations. Host a letter writing party and have the kids write their letters to Santa and "mail" them in our metal "North Pole Express" mailbox! Use either our Letters to Santa Kit or download our free letter to Santa template

Decorate cookies in style with our Cookies for Santa Plates and save our Mini Treats for Santa Tray for Christmas Eve to pile up delicious desserts for the man in red! Sip hot cocoa while you decorate your cookies in our Santa's Little Helper Coffee Cups

Pink Candy Cane Christmas Plate | The Party Darling

Pink and Red Christmas Cookie Trays | The Party Darling

5. Pink Christmas Party

"Pinkmas" is making its way around social media and we at The Party Darling are simply obsessed! When it comes to incorporating pink into the holiday season, we're all in. Host a fabulous and girly Christmas party for your daughter and her besties. Serve up delectable snacks on our Red and Pink Present Serving Trays and enjoy them on charming Pink Candy Cane Plates.

Create a whimsical ambiance by hanging a Pink Peppermint Felt Banner and inflating a classic Pink Candy Cane Balloon. This party concept is a perfect fit for a December birthday, a class gathering, or an exclusive girls-only Christmas sleepover!

Merry and Bright Christmas Snow Globe Cup | The Party Darling

Merry and Bright Christmas Tree Plates | The Party Darling

6. Merry and Bright Christmas Lights Party

Going to look at the beautiful Christmas lights has been a beloved tradition in many homes for years. Why not throw a party to preface the twinkly event! Get everyone into the spirit of the season by serving delectable treats on our festive Christmas Bulb Dessert Plates.

Sip your favorite drinks as you bask in the glow of the magnificent lights from Snow Globe Plastic Cups. And for those inevitable little spills, have our cheerful Merry and Bright Cocktail Napkins on hand.

Nutcracker Christmas Plates | The Party Darling

Nutcracker Christmas Scalloped Plates | The Party Darling

7. Nutcracker Christmas Party

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with our Nutcracker party decor! Whether you're throwing a cast party for your little one's Nutcracker performance, a class party or just an annual Christmas party, The Party Darling has you covered. Set out Nutcracker Lunch Plates, deck the halls with a Nutcracker Banner, and dance the night away with a Rectangle Nutcracker Plate. It will be a celebration that captures the essence of the holiday season and the joy of the Nutcracker's enchanting world!


The festive season is here, and it's the perfect time to begin preparing for your Christmas parties! So this year while you plan your own grown-up Christmas party, plan one for your kids as well! Whether it's a school party, dance class party, birthday party or just an exciting get-together, fill your little one's Christmas season with joy! 

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Throw a Kids' Christmas Party 2023 | The Party Darling

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