Gingerbread Decorating Party Decor Ideas

by Liesel Kelly November 22, 2023 3 min read

Gingerbread Decorating Party Decor Ideas

Step into a world of sweet delights and festive creativity as we unwrap the magic of hosting a Gingerbread Decorating Party! In this blog, we'll guide you through the art of turning your space into a sugary wonderland, setting the stage for a memorable and delicious celebration. So read on and get all the Gingerbread Decorating Party Decor Ideas you need to throw your festive bash! 

Gingerbread Party Table Runners and Table Decor | The Party Darling

1. Table Runners & Centerpiece Decor

Transform your space into a winter wonderland by laying down one of our enchanting table runners as the focal point of your table. Pair it with other whimsical centerpieces to create a captivating and festive atmosphere that sets the stage for a magical celebration. Our Gingerbread Table Runner is the perfect addition to your gingerbread decorating party, and the Honeycomb Trees add some more festive decor!

Gingerbread Party Plates and Napkins | The Party Darling

2. Plates & Napkins

Provide your guests with the perfect spot to place their freshly decorated cookies! Choose from our assortment of gingerbread plates to set out on your table. Keep things tidy and festive with our collection of gingerbread napkins. The Classic Gingerbread House Lunch Plates look so cute paired with the Gingerbread House Guest Towels!

Gingerbread House Party Cups and Straws | The Party Darling

3. Cups & Straws

Offer your guests something to sip holiday drinks in by providing a selection of cups and straws! Our plastic Gingerbread House Tumbler is the perfect party favor and cutest way to enjoy some delicious eggnog! The Gingerbread House Paper Cups are so fun with their fold-out handle, and the Gingerbread Coffee Cups are great for on-the-go hot chocolate!

Gingerbread Party Decorations Trays and Baking Cups | The Party Darling

4.  Serving Trays & Baking Cups

Place a serving tray (or even two!) on the table, overflowing with a delightful assortment of candies and cookies ready to be transformed into cookie masterpieces! For a charming touch, showcase a delicious charcuterie spread on our Bamboo Gingerbread Serving Board, providing a delightful contrast to the sweetness of cookie decorating. Enhance the presentation by using baking cups to display additional cookie decorations. Plus, our Jumbo Gingerbread Baking Cups are perfect for holding candies, adding an extra layer of fun to the decorating extravaganza!

Gingerbread Party Decor Hanging Decorations | The Party Darling

5. Hanging Decor

Don't forget to decorate your home for this festive event! Throw up a playful Candy Felt Banner or keep the theme rolling with a Felt Gingerbread House Banner for an extra fun touch. Let those Gingerbread Fan Decorations add a dash of delicious decor to your space. And for those who just have to get the perfect Instagram pic, set the stage for endless photo fun with our Matte Gold Christmas Tree Curtain!

Gingerbread Party Supplies Balloons | The Party Darling

6. Balloons

Spice up your wall decor with a burst of festive balloons! With the Gingerbread Man Balloon, an array of Gingerbread House Balloons, and Candy Cane Balloons, whip up the most scrumptious balloon garland for your party!

Gingerbread Christmas Party Favors | The Party Darling

7. Party Favors

Don't overlook the party favors! Express your gratitude with our delightful Gingerbread Crackers handed out to your guests as a sweet "thank you" for joining the fun. For those who might not want to decorate a cookie house, place our DIY Paper Gingerbread Houses on the table—guests can take home their adorable creations too! If you've got goodie bags in the mix, attach a Pink Gingerbread Gift Tag personalized with everyone's names. And for an extra dose of fun, include a Gingerbread Tattoo pack in those goodie bags!

Gingerbread Christmas Party | The Party Darling

This holiday season, throw a delicious gingerbread decorating party for your besties! We hope these tips and tricks help you out as you navigate the world of cookie decorating parties! This decadent theme is perfect for a girls night, kids Christmas class party, family gathering or any creative event you can imagine! For more gingerbread party supplies, shop our website and get cookin'!

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