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by Liesel Kelly July 20, 2023 6 min read

Back-to-School Party Ideas to Celebrate All School Year | The Party Darling

Whether you're celebrating the last day or the first day of school, preparing a teacher appreciation gift basket, or marking the 100th day of school in the classroom, we'll teach you how to throw an unforgettable school party. 

With back-to-school decorations, photo props, snack ideas, and school-themed tableware, our school party ideas will prep you for a successful event. Keep reading and get Get Schooled About Party Inspo to make your child's school celebration a hit!

Back-to-School Party Ideas

A back-to-school party is a lovely way to celebrate the start of a new school year. Whether your little one is starting school for the first time or it's their last year, mark the end of the summer and muster up some enthusiasm for getting back into the school routines in an exciting way!

For a back-to-school breakfast hosted at home, invite your child's classmates so they can reconnect with each other after the summer break. Of course, this is perfect for those nervous about returning to school.

Teachers can also host a first-day-of-school classroom party. Creating a relaxed atmosphere and an exciting party theme will make those new introductions easier and make everyone excited about the coming year. 

School Tableware Ideas

Back to School Party Supplies | The Party Darling

If you decorate with these school party supplies, you'll be one smart cookie. We love the traditional "old school" vibes from this line. Can we go back to the days of writing with chalk on a chalkboard? 

Put this Apple Plate on your teacher's desk, and you will make her day. Underneath the apple plate is a Notebook Paper Plate—if only you could do your homework on these instead. Next to it is a Report Card Guest Napkin, hopefully reading all A's! 

We're returning to the good ole days with these Composition Notebook Cups—write your names in the space provided to avoid mixing drinks. All these first-day-of-school decorations would look like an A+ if they sat on top of a Ruler Table Runner. Lay this school table runner down the center of your tables and let the ruler markings spark conversations and games!

Back to School Pencil Plates | The Party Darling

Everyone becomes too cool for school with these school decorations! Stay sharp with Pencil Lunch Plates and practice your ABCs with Alphabet Dessert PlatesLunch Napkins, and Cups. This school-themed tableware is highly versatile and can be used for all sorts of school festivities, from the excitement of the first day of school to a preschool birthday bash or even the 100th day of school.

School Bus Plates and Crayon Napkins for Back to School Party

The (school) bus stops here! These classic Yellow School Bus plates are perfect for a learning celebration. Style these with Green Plates and Wooden Cutlery. You can also spice things up by adding a Black and White Checkered Plate to the mix, keeping the traditional black-and-white colors but with some pizazz.

Red Crayon Napkins for a Back to School Party

Style the school bus plates with a pack of Crayon Lunch Napkins. These crayon napkins come in blue, yellow, red, and green and look cute in an art room or for a creative school birthday party!

Chalkboard Letter Table Runner

Decorate the classroom tables or your back-to-school breakfast table with this Chalkboard Table Runner. With a classic black background and an elegantly scripted chalk alphabet, this table runner will inspire kids of all ages! Made from sturdy paper and measuring 8 feet long, this runner is perfect as a classroom decoration. Embrace the new school year in style with this versatile and durable table runner. 

School Activity Ideas

Back to School Paper Placemat Activity Pad | The Party Darling

Get your kiddos ready for learning with these Back to School Activity Place Mats! These come with word searches, a space for creative doodles, and prompts for them to write their favorite things, grade, and what they want to be when they grow up. This would be a delightful time capsule to do at the beginning and end of every school year to track your child's interests. 

Tear off Notebook Paper Placemat | Back to School | The Party Darling

Let students set their place at the learning table with this decorative and functional Notebook Paper Tear-off Placemat. The paper resembles loose-leaf notebook paper but on a much bigger scale. This tear-off pad has 25 sheets, making it ideal for the entire classroom. It also makes a perfect teacher appreciation gift to use as a giant desk pad all year long. 

Kids can use this under their snacks or let their imagination roam with plenty of space to draw out their ideas and doodle on the first day of school. Or use the placemats for a 100th-day-of-school party so the class can list 100 of their favorite words while they wear their 100-day-of-school outfits! 

First Day of School Photo Props

School Bus Balloon Photo Prop for the First Day of School

Document your little one's first day of school with an AirLoonz Selfie School Bus Foil Balloon. Designed for photo fun, this giant balloon looks like a yellow school bus that's been turned into a photo frame. Set it up at home before your little one catches the bus, or have it in the classroom to welcome your elementary school kids on the first day of school.

Pennant Flags for First Day of School Photo Props

Wave goodbye to the end of summer and hello to a new school year with first-day-of-school pennant flags! These flags are the ultimate accessory for capturing those precious first-day-of-school moments. They are also great as cake toppers, table decorations, or embellishing a flower arrangement. 

Inspire everyone to learn with the "Let's Learn" Pennant Flag! Inspired by a pink eraser, "Erase Negativity" is written above the primary phrase, and "100% Mistake Free" is along the bottom. Beautiful ribbons and yarn are tied to the wooden stick to add extra flair.  

grade school balloons

Capture the best back-to-school pictures of your children posing with a grade school balloon. Add it to a mixture of latex balloons in your child's school colors to create a balloon bouquet that shows school spirit!

Back to School Balloons for a first day of school backdrop

Take the school year by storm with back-to-school balloons! Add them to a first-day-of-school backdrop to get everyone in the spirit of learning and adventure. Or inflate them with helium and let them float above the classroom to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas

First Day of School Teacher Basket | The Party Darling

Make your kid's teacher an appreciation basket with school-themed favors and tableware! Add some Apple PlatesNotebook Paper Plates, and a Pink Eraser Guest Towel. These eraser napkins will clean up messes but, unfortunately, won't erase bad grades. 

Throw in a Backpack Treat Box filled with gift cards, "thank you" notes for your favorite teacher, and maybe a delicious cupcake or two in a Back to School Baking Cup with adorable cake toppers. 

And if you make a basket for the first day of school, include this old school-lookin' First Day of School Pennant Flag

School Party Favor Ideas 

School Backpack Favor Bags

Give your star students an afternoon treat with these Back to School Backpack Favor Bags & Sticker Sheets. These favor bags feature a vintage backpack design in four colors and come with school-themed stickers. 

Fill these backpacks with sweet treats, small toys, school supplies, or even personalized notes to make each bag extra special. Send your loved ones off for the day at school, or place them at each desk before the students pile back in after recess to pack a punch of excitement. 

Back to School Temporary Tattoos | The Party Darling

Get your kids in the school spirit with these Back to School Temporary Tattoos! This tattoo sheet comes with seven temporary tattoos, including pink and green crayons, a yellow pencil, glue, scissors, a notebook, and colorful ABC letters so they can learn throughout the day. Hand these out on the first day of school to excite learning, or drop them in favor bags for a preschool birthday bash!

School Snack Ideas

School Cupcake Kit for School Snacks

Whip up a batch of delicious cupcakes or snack mix to make everyone's taste buds jump to the head of the class! These pencil and notebook snack cups are a creative way to decorate your back-to-school party treats. And for extra credit, they come with matching food picks, including pencils, protractors, apples, and a back-to-school pennant.

Back to School Custom Cake Topper | The Party Darling

What's a back-to-school party without a cake! Celebrate any grade or school party with this Custom Cake Topper. You can customize the topper to say whatever you'd like, such as "hello, 2nd grade" or "first day of school." It comes with two pages of stickers for you to use, so you can create what your heart desires. 

Get Schooled About Party Inspo

Anyone can benefit from some party ideas every now and then. We hope you found inspiration for your child's school celebration. Don't be afraid to spice it up with extra balloons, banners, and confetti to make it more exciting.

Whether you're celebrating the start or end of the school year, the 100th day, or just want to show your teachers some appreciation, we've got you covered—trust us, they'll love it. After all, your child's school years are precious, so create special memories and celebrate learning all year!

Get Schooled About Party Inspo | The Party Darling

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