Holiday Party Idea: Merry + Bright Ornament Decorating Party

by Stephanie Eckman December 10, 2018 2 min read

merry & bright ornament decorating party

Looking for a fun holiday party theme for your kids or your girlfriends? Why not throw an ornament decorating party in a Merry & Bright theme. This colorful tableware was the inspiration for this party setup. The colors are so bright and the graphics are absolutely adorable.

tableware for ornament decorating party

merry & bright ornament decorating party

While this colorful tableware is perfect for holiday party snacks, you can also use them to brighten your craft table. Use the cups for water to wash out brushes, use the napkins to dry brushes, and decorate ornaments on the plates.

holiday party idea ornament decorating party


Make sure you start by covering your table to prevent paint messes. I used some kraft paper to cover the painting area of the table but you could use a plastic or paper table covering to match your party theme. 

Choose a variety of ornaments in different shapes, styles, and materials. I used ornaments that matched some of the icons in the tableware: candy cane, tree, star, heart, present, gingerbread man, and ball ornaments. The materials ranged from wooden, glass, plastic, paper mâché, and plaster.

ornaments for ornament decorating party

ornaments for ornament decorating party

I used some inexpensive acrylic paints and brushes from the hobby store. You will also need some paint trays for each of your guests to use. 

paint for ornament decorating party


One of the easiest and prettiest ornaments to make is the colored glass balls. You will need some clear glass balls or any other shape and size, and some acrylic paints to make these colorful ornaments. I used mini glass balls, and I love how the color looks when finished.


  • Remove the ornament cap from the glass ball and put aside.
  • Rinse a little water in the glass and dump out. This will help thin the paint.
  • Add a couple of drops or more depending on the size of the ornament.
  • Place your finger on the opening to cover and shake the paint around in the ornament.
  • Add more drops of paint as needed.
  • Once coated inside, put aside to dry and then replace the ornament cap.

    how to color glass ball ornaments


    This Merry & Bright table centerpiece of colorful modern trees was super simple to make and creates a big impression. Just use paper mâché cone trees from Hobby Lobby (or another craft store) and paint whatever color to match your party decor. I used acrylic paints, but you could use spray paint as well. Add some faux snow around the trees and some ornaments, and you have a simple but adorable centerpiece for your table.

    colorful modern cone trees


    Besides the painted ornaments, your little guests can also enjoy these fun temporary tattoos as party favors.

    merry and bright party tattoos

    Hope you enjoyed this idea for an ornament decorating party in Merry & Bright colors! What other colored themes would you use for this type of party?

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    merry and bright holiday party idea

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