How to Style an Apothecary Halloween Bar Cart

by Liesel Kelly September 28, 2023 3 min read

How to Style an Apothecary Halloween Bar Cart | The Party Darling

We love decorating our holiday bar carts, but Halloween is definitely our favorite! Decorating a booze cart for Halloween is all about casting a spellbinding ambiance, conjuring a night of magical memories, and accessorizing with the "boos," so your Halloween party will be the talk of (Halloween) Town. 

We styled our cart with Salem Apothecary decorations, creepy home decor, velvet pumpkins, and a life-sized skeleton! And now we're sharing a few bar cart ideas and party tips so you can get creative this spooky season. So, if you want your guests to ooze excitedly, read on and see How to Style an Apothecary Halloween Bar Cart

Halloween Bar Cart Must-Haves

  • Halloween Apothecary Jars
  • Pumpkins
  • Skulls and Skeletons
  • Creepy Gauze Cloth
  • Beverage Napkins
  • Plates
  • Booze!

Halloween Party Decor | The Party Darling

Halloween Bar Cart Ideas

The top shelf of our bar cart is fully stocked with all the best potion ingredients. Apothecary bottles look great to display your sugary offerings. You can find themed Halloween bottles at the dollar store, Michaels, or Target. Or make your own with unique bottles you find at thrift shops and add Halloween apothecary label stickers! 

While the sources for these old bottles remain a mystery, these Witches Brew and Spider Venom Napkins are easily located on our website. Even witches need easy ways to clean up spills from time to time! 

Halloween Bar Cart Decorations | The Party Darling

We draped gauze fabric over the top shelf, setting an eerie scene for guests grabbing drinks. Then, we hung this Apothecary Garland across the front of the bar cart, giving inspiration for various ingredients for spooky cauldron concoctions.

Adding in more Halloween decorations, we dangled a 3D Black Glitter Chandelier on Mr. Skeleton's bony finger, casting sinister shadows across the floor. 

Dead and Breakfast Tray Halloween Party | The Party Darling

Even the best witches get hungry, so we're serving poisoned apples, gruesome cookies, or any other witch's brew we concoct with a Dead and Breakfast Bamboo Tray. This platter is reusable, so you can use it for Halloween birthdays, costume parties, or any bunch of Hocus Pocus!

Salem Black Cat Plates | The Party Darling

Adding plates to the bar cart makes it easy for guests to grab and go with their snacks. And these Salem Cat Plates will have guests purring to devour wicked treats! 

Balloons for Apothecary Halloween Party | The Party Darling

Halloween Bar Cart Backdrop Ideas

Every spooktacular party needs a Halloween backdrop with a coordinating balloon garland. We used StonePearl BlackTerracotta, and Lace latex balloons to match our decor. You can create a custom balloon garland on our website or reach out, and we will help curate a color palette for you!

Salem Apothecary Backdrop Decorations | The Party Darling

We adorned our blank walls by hanging Black BatsSpider Webs, and 3D Apothecary Stars. The foil webs feature a potion bottle from the Apothecary Garland for an extra dose of fun. 

Tip: Use spare pieces from a banner set in different locations around the party! This ties the theme together and elevates your party to the next level.

Halloween Bar Cart Decoration Ideas | The Party Darling

Finally, we're startling guests with a "BOO" Canvas Banner! The cream background gives the vintage design and black lettering room to show off. This Halloween banner is perfect for inside and outside use—imagine this hanging on your front porch surrounded by pumpkins! We're here for it.

Halloween Bar Cart Decor | The Party Darling

Whether you're hosting a Monster Mash, a ghoul's night in, or just love Halloween, we hope this inspires you to brew up some Halloween magic in your home with a spooky Halloween bar cart. You can keep it simple with the bar-cart essentials or make a statement and decorate beyond the cart. We know your friends will be green with envy. So get your boo's on, drink up witches, and have a Happy Halloween! 

Salem Apothecary Halloween Party | The Party Darling

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