How to Throw a Wicked Witches and Wizards Party

by Liesel Fagg September 24, 2021 2 min read

How to Throw a Wicked Witches and Wizards Party | The Party Darling

Welcome, Witches and Wizards! Do you love Harry Potter and have always wanted to receive your acceptance letter? Do you want to transport your guests into the wizarding world for a baby is brewing baby shower? Then, we put together this blog post to show you how to throw the most Wicked Witches and Wizards Party! With a combination of balloon garlands, table runners, and dry ice, your guests will be spellbound by this spooktacular party theme!

Spellbound banners


Charm your guests with a stunning black and gold balloon garland, draped with a spellbound owl and lightning garland! Include the welcome witches and wizards banner to tie the balloon garland and table together. This enchanting banner will not only add another element to your backdrop, but also welcome your guests into your spooky party!

overview of table scape


Protect your potions table with a whole table cloth or this cream and black table runner. Next layer on your essentials, these creepy cauldrons and spooky skull plates mix nicely to give your table some wicked variety! Finally, set these dessert plates on top of large dinner plates so your guests have more room for scary snacks and delicious desserts!

cauldron place setting

We combined the black scalloped square lunch plates and gold dinner plates with our setup to match the balloon garland and other various Halloween banners. These beautiful plates have vibrant gold foil accents that pop against the table runner and spooky table decorations.

skull plates

Each place setting includes matte black reusable cutlery and two Halloween napkins that match the wizard theme. The spellbound witches and wizards letter napkins and spellbound potions napkins will easily make spills disappear—no magic required! 

Each guest has a shiny gold paper cup as well as a mini black and gold rimmed paper cup for whatever poison they dare pick! In addition, they can sip their potions out of gold star paper straws for an extra sparkling touch!

cauldron place setting and cupcake


Decorating a table for a Halloween party can be so much fun! It's a safe space to let your creative ideas sore! In the center of our table, we placed a black cake stand topped with cupcakes set in baking cups. We added a few pieces of black and gold bat confetti into the icing to add a festive touch to the cupcakes. We sprinkled the rest of the black and gold bat confetti across the middle of the table for a magical touch!

Next, we found small plastic cauldron buckets from our local grocery store. You can fill cauldrons with candy, treats, and small toys to give out as party favors. We served ours with popcorn so guests could snack. In the others, we added a combination of water and dry ice to mimic a spooky potion brewing.

bubbling cauldronNapkins don't only have to be used in place settings—they also make incredible decorations! For example, we placed a couple of raven lunch napkins on the edge of the table as decorations or for emergency clean-up spills.

raven napkin

Now that we have given you the essentials of How to Throw a Wicked Witches and Wizards Party, it's your turn to get creative! Whether that means adding in some more spooky treats or a punch bowl cauldron with dry ice, the rest is up to you! 

Be sure to save this blog to view later, and check back in for more magical party ideas! 

How to Throw a Wicked and Wizards Halloween Party

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