How to Create a Self-Serve Trick or Treat Bar for Halloween

by Stephanie Eckman October 26, 2018 2 min read

halloween trick or treat candy bar

If you are having a Halloween party for your little friends, why not have a self-serve trick-or-treat bar? It's easy to put together, so cute, and the kids will love it.

Create this look with whatever color scheme you like best. I chose to go with something completely non-traditional. But if you think about all the colors in the packaging for Halloween candy, a bright multi-color scheme seems right to me.

Halloween candy bar

Halloween candy bar details


Luckily, Party City carries various candies in all these bright colorsso I knew I could easily create the look I wanted. For the candy jars, I chose gumballs, jelly beans, dum dum suckers, rock candy sticks, and Sixlets. These candies coordinate with the bright colors in the backdrop. Don't forget to get some plastic zipper bags for the loose candy.

Party City also had the traditional bags of Halloween candy too like candy bar mix, sour and sweet candy, bubblegum, suckers, and more.

halloween candy bar skeleton

Halloween candy rainbow colors


I like to include more than just candy, so I purchased several little toys at Michaels including sticker books, notepads, pencils, pens, spider rings, googly-eyed rings, stamps, witch fingers, bouncy eyeballs, straws, Play-Doh, slime, and glow in the dark fangs. I also picked up boo straws and glow sticks at Party City.

If you plan to have a food table as well, then the multi-colored geometric party goods below would go perfectly with the overall color scheme.

halloween candy bar toys


Cauldrons are perfect for displaying candy at Halloween, so I used those, but I also wanted to mix in traditional candy jars for the multi-colored candy. I also added the science beaker jars to display the toys.

The bright colored confettipops on the white table and matches the colors in the backdrop.

Halloween candy bar toys

These bright colored tissue scallop buntingsare ideal for creating awe inspired backdrops for party tables or photo booths. The bunting is made in the USA, high quality, and comes in a variety of vivid colors. 

Halloween candy bar backdrop

Hope you enjoyed this spooky fun Halloween self-serve trick or treat bar. Do you plan to have a party for your little friends this Halloween? Or will you pass out candy that night?

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halloween trick or treat bar 

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