How to Conjure Up a Spooky Cute Halloween Party

by Liesel Fagg September 16, 2022 3 min read

hocus pocus halloween party

Hey ghoul friends, it's time to party and get ready for Halloween! Grab your skeletons out of the closet, the ghosts from the attic and decorate your haunted house for the spookiest holiday of all. These spooky muted purples and oranges make all the difference in your halloween setup. Read this blog for more tricks and treats on How to Conjure Up a Spooky Cute Halloween!

halloween bats and paper fans

We based the color scheme off of the Spooky Cute Halloween Paper Fans that are hung up at the top of the tomb stone shaped wooden backdrops we have! Flying underneath the fans are spooky Black Glitter Bats. These bats are such a fun way to dress up your home or use as table decor for a party. To the right, there are wicked Witch Hats strung up in a garland watching over the rest of the party.

hocus pocus baking cups halloween

Towering over the table decorations are two black cake stands stacked on top of each other. On top of the cake stands, we have our Hocus Pocus Baking Cups filled in two different ways; one with popcorn and one with a cupcake! Here's a valuable life hack for ya, when you don't have time to bake your own desserts, go to a bakery or even a grocery store and purchase some pre-made cupcakes then simply drop the sweet treat into an on-brand baking cup! This makes guests think you put a lot of time and effort into the dessert when you might not have!

hocus pocus spooky themed halloween party

Beneath the decorative cupcakes and popcorn sit beautiful Peach and Cream Checkered Plates with various Halloween shaped plates! Alternating on the table are Cauldron Platesand Witch Hat Plates. If you've followed along with us for a while, you know how much welove to switch it up with different plates at each place setting. This is a good way to add more variety to the table as well as display more adorable decorative plates! 

hocus pocus witch hat plate halloween party

We paired the Witch Hat Plate with the Spellbound Potion Napkin and Black Cutlery. The metallic accents on the plates and napkins pop against the matte style of the checkered plates and matte black cutlery!

hocus pocus cauldron plate halloween party

The Spellbound Cauldron Plate sits perfectly inside the orange and white checkered plates. To the side is a Purple Halloween Witch Napkin, the purple in the napkins ties in to the purple that's in the fans above the table setting! I mean, how cute is a purple and orange Halloween! So spooky! 

hocus pocus themed travel cups halloween party

Around the top of each place setting there are two cups resting next to each other. One is a Hocus Pocus themed travel coffee cup. These are great for hot chocolate, coffee or filling up with snacks for party favors for your guests! We also love the idea of putting Halloween candy, a drink stirrer and a sweet note for teacher gifts! 

halloween custom drink stirrers

We also have one Posh Gold Cup with a custom Halloween drink stirrer (coming soon!). These Halloween drink stirrers are a spooky addition to cups at your party, and they also help people remember which cup is theirs! This way there's less questions and wasted drink!

halloween witch hat party favors

As a treat (never a trick from us!) we strung Witch Hats on the back of every chair. They're so cute as decoration for the table as well as another little trinket for your guests to take home! The hats can be used in so many different ways, one creative way to decorate with these hats is to hang them down from the ceiling with clear fishing line to give the room you're decorating a Harry Potter kind of vibe. 

halloween cauldron with dry ice smoke

To add an extra spooky flare to the party we conjured up our most wicked looking beakers and test tubes. We added water and squirted different drink mixes in to make it a dark and scary purple color.

halloween party cauldron dry ice smoke

To make it an extra ghoulish addition to the table we (cautiously) dropped dry ice in each beaker to create a spooky smoke that spills over the side of each glass container! 

halloween orange and purple flowers

Finally, we placed some beautiful flower arrangements around the table that were filled with different kinds of purple, orange and white flowers. These flowers accent the table and bring a liveliness to this spooky party (does that defeat the purpose?). But no matter the theme, flowers are a must have for any party! 

Whether you’re throwing a Hocus Pocus themed party or just decorating your house for Halloween, let The Party Darling help you Conjure Up a Spooky Cute Halloween! 

How to Conjure Up a Spooky Cute Halloween!

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