Cast a Wicked Hocus Pocus 2 Watch Party

by Liesel Fagg September 28, 2022 4 min read

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party

Oh look, another glorious party! Jen (@the_floridagirl) has killed it again and put together a spine-chilling Hocus Pocus themed event, but this time partnered with Celebrate You Events and the amazing Charmed Photography! With Hocus Pocus 2 coming out soon everyone is in need of some inspiration to throw a wicked watch party! So grab your best witches, light some candles and read our blog of spells to Cast a Wicked Hocus Pocus 2 Watch Party.

Hocus Pocus 2 watch party inspiration

 There's no superstition about it, the colors and decorations in this Hocus Pocus themed party are simply magical. From the big white bounce house to the detailed charcuterie board, this party haunted with inspiration! The background of the party is a fabulous mix of wooden walls, floating floral arrangements and a marvelous variety of Hocus Pocus themed decorations! 

Hocus Pocus Halloween decorations

Draped across the top of the wooden wall is a spooky cute banner by Maren Jade Co. that ties together the colors of the party. There are beautiful ribbons and carefully stitched halloween icons all skillfully intertwined to make a festive decoration.

Hocus Pocus "Spooky" banner Halloween decorations

This adorable shop is also featured in a banner that reads "spooky" that is hanging across a corner of the bounce house! Every letter in this banner has a different color and pattern that reflects the theme of the party. It is strung up around some beautiful balloons to make a spooky statement! 

Hocus Pocus Halloween cupcakes

Resting atop shelves that extend out of the wooden background wall are assorted Halloween baking cups with the cutest cupcakes sitting inside! There are beautiful purple and pastel orange cupcakes sitting in our Hocus Pocus Baking Cups.

Halloween cupcakes and cake

Beneath the shelf and also on top of the table are black cupcakes with spooky bat wings and eerie eyeballs! All of the cakes and cupcakes were artfully made by Sugar Kitchen FL. The books you see pictured are surprisingly delicious cakes! The giant candle cake is so skillfully designed that it's hard to distinguish the difference between the real thing. 

Hocus Pocus dessert table

It's time to talk about everyone's favorite topic: food! Let's just gawk at the food table for a minute, I mean, WOW! From cupcakes to snack mix dispensers the variety is almost paranormal! In the middle of the table are custom cookies from Claumellows Cookies with the Sanderson Sisters featured in sweet icing. The cutout vacuums on the wall pays homage to the Hocus Pocus theme and adds a fun pop of color to the wall behind the food! 

Hocus Pocus charcuterie board

As if the food table couldn't get any better, look at this spooky charcuterie! Deliciously assembled by Grazing Joy, the charcuterie board has three cheeses in the middle surrounded by meats, cubed cheese and berries to resemble the three witches in the movie! How creative is this?? The eerie dip towards the bottom has some leering eyeballs turning heads left and right. 

Hocus Pocus themed drink station for a Halloween party

The spookiest potion of all: The Twisted Knicker. This delicious drink has a haunting burnt orange garnish resting among muddled blackberries to give it a ghoulish look. You can make it with or without alcohol so it suits the adult only party or the kids party you're throwing! The adorable graphic on the drink table that describes the drink recipe was designed by Harbor Design.

Halloween party haunted house decorating kit

In front of the giant "AMOK" letters is a table with a gorgeous floral centerpiece by Paradise Petals; this talented company put together all the rest of the flower arrangements in this set up! Each place setting at the table is equipped with all the pieces needed to assemble and decorate individual haunted houses! The haunted houses were provided by Stix and Brix, a fun hands-on architecture kit company! 

Hocus Pocus "AMOK" light up letters

Shining behind the haunted house assembly table are large lit up letters that spell "AMOK". This bright addition to the ominous party set up was done by Aquarelle USA luxury balloons. There are balloons lining the top of the letters with a Cauldron Balloon at the base depicting a spooky, witchy scene.

Hocus Pocus Halloween bounce house and balloon garland

As a bright pop of white in the spooky halloween setup, there's a fun white bounce house decorated with balloons and banners that represent the Hocus Pocus theme as well! The bounce house was brought to the set up by Soflo Luxe Bounce! Aquarelle USA decorated the bounce house with varied shades of purple balloons, while Maren Jade Co strung up a banner that says "spooky"! 

Hocus Pocus Halloween party table setting

Now for the center table! There are beautiful flowers and disco balls in the center of the table on top of a black and white fabric table runners going the length of the table. The base plate is a beautifully Matte Black and Gold Dinner Plate. Alternating at each place setting is either a Pink, Orange, OR Purple Checkered Plates. A Black Witch Hat Plate sits on top of some of the plates while the other place settings have a cutout of one of the Sanderson Sisters complete with a name to mark the guests' spot! These wonderful cutouts were done by D Shelez Designs

Hocus Pocus Halloween place setting

Laid to rest next to the plates are our trendy Black and Gold Cutlery on top of a Purple Checkered Dessert Napkin. The mix of the checkered patterns is a thrilling way to add dimension to your place settings! Next to a beautiful glass goblet is a Black and Gold Color Block Cup with a spooky cat drink stirrer and a purple striped straw! There are so many variations of colors and patterns in the place settings and they all compliment each other so well it's frightening. We also can't forget to mention the boo-tiful charcuterie cup to the left of the place setting, these are a thoughtful addition to guests' seats as either an appetizer or a little to-go snack! 

Hocus Pocus Halloween party favors

As a trendy party favor, Lady Eleanor Co provided some spooky cute bows and hair clips that fit the theme! These are perfect for any ghouly ghoul that attends and gives the guests an opportunity to add some themed accessories to their outfits! 

 Hocus Pocus Halloween party inspiration

If you're looking for inspiration for a Hocus Pocus 2 watch party or just a Hocus Pocus themed Halloween event, this party simply possessed with ideas! From a lively bounce house to ghoulish haunted houses Jen and the team has killed it once again!

 Hocus Pocus themed Halloween party

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