Throw a Cutie Mother's Day Celebration

by Liesel Fagg May 03, 2023 3 min read

Throw a Cutie Mother's Day Celebration

Mom is your main squeeze, no doubt about that! This is your sign that you need to celebrate your sweet mom with a party that shows how much you love her! So grab the citrus and throw your mama aCutie Mother’s Day Celebration!

Stuffing balloons to change colors

Let’s start with the balloons. 14’ balloon arches are coming soon to our shop and we’re loving it! But this one was a little bit tricky! In order to achieve the colors we needed to match the plates, we had to stuff the balloons!

Blue and mint balloons stuffed to change the color

This technique softens bright, bold colors or changes the shade of the balloon. We stuffed a bright orange inside a blush to soften the orange; and a darker blue inside of a mint balloon to look more like the colors on the plates. 

Orange balloons stuffed to change colors

The only downside to this technique is how much time it takes, and that when doubled up, the balloons are harder to tie. Even with the time commitment and struggles that come with tying the balloons, the final product looks so good that it’s worth it! 

Mother's Day floral arrangement

This flower arrangement was so fun to make. I tried the trending trick of taping a grid on the vase before putting the flowers in and I feel like it helped them stay in formation; and it didn’t take as many flowers for it to look full! I went to Sprouts and Whole Foods to find these flowers, they always have such a good selection of flowers and greenery. Trader Joe’s is another fantastic option to find fresh flowers, and pick up a few snacks while you’re at it. 

Citrus Mother's Day party setup

Check it! These Peaches and Cream Lunch Plates have been so trendy lately and pair so well with the Citrus Salad Plates for a pop of modern in this classy party. If your mom is a classy lady, just switch out the checkered plates for a solid color or Plain Gold dinner plate! There are so many options with this citrus pattern, you can match any mom’s aesthetic. 

Citrus Mother's Day party cutlery

Each place setting has this stack of plates accompanied with Gold and White Cutlery and a Citrus Guest Towel! I love matching patterns in different pieces of tableware, it emphasizes the theme and brings everything together so well. 

Gold cup ; citrus Mother's Day party

Everyone also has a Shiny Gold Cup at their seat so they can hydrate and not die-drate! The gold in the cups reflects the gold around the rim of the citrus plates.

Mini gold baking cups for Citrus Mother's Day

How fun are these little fruits? These kumquats are one of the most interesting things I’ve ever purchased from Sprouts, and I shop there all the time. They have the outside texture of a tiny orange and they look like an orange when sliced open, but they’re the size of a grape! The citrus plates on the table have these tiny fruits in the illustration so I thought it would be so fun to bring them to life in the table decoration. There are kumquats sitting in a Mini Gold Baking Cup and also scattered around the table decor. 

Citrus Mother's Day party greenery

In the center of the table, there are sprigs of greenery I purchased from Whole Foods with some little roses and kumquats bringing some color to the green! 

Citrus Mother's Day "Mom is Your Main Squeeze"

I hope this brought some inspiration to you for Mother’s Day this year. Don’t forget to show mom some love and throw her aCutie Mother’s Day Celebration.

Throw a Cutie Mother's Day Party

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