Roar She's Four! Throw a Safari Themed Birthday Party!

by Liesel Fagg July 08, 2022 3 min read

roar she's four safari themed birthday party

Roar, Paisley is four! Kaylee Brown from Riner and Company threw a birthday celebration any party animal would love! Even though Paisley is now five, we are still obsessing over her fourth birthday party! 

Party Favor Wall

Safari animal fourth birthday party

So that everyone could feel included in the safari theme, there was a beautiful wall of animal headbands, more balloons and a large Number Four Balloon that reminds everyone who they're celebrating!

roar she's four safari birthday

Above the dessert table is a balloon garland with beautiful muted colors and a Cheetah Balloon protecting the cake from any predators!

Delicious Desserts

roar she's four safari birthday cake

The cutest safari themed cake was beautifully crafted by Chaffin's Dishes. It features detailed animal print smudges (honestly, how did she do this?!) and fun plastic animals play on the top of as decoration. A cake topper that says "Party Animal" sits at the very top, while we don't sell this cute topper, we have a similar one that says "Wild One" which would be perfect if you were replicating this party for a first birthday! You can also use this theme for "Two Wild" or "Wild and Three" parties!

safari animal cupcake kit

Delicious cupcakes are resting in the matching Safari Cupcake Kit with cute wrappers and animal toppers! This kit features an array of safari animals that correspond to the animals on the plates and in the banner!

custom safari theme cookies

Paisley also had some beautiful custom cookies by Sugar Plum Bakery to celebrate her big day! These cookies artfully portray the theme of the party, "Roar" is written in beautiful letters with a fun animal print background, there are also zebras, giraffe's and elephants (oh my!) painted on several cookies that match the plates. There are so many cute little animal print features on these cookies, it matches the whole party perfectly!

Party Place Setting

safari print animal plates

Paisley partied like an animal with beautiful balloons, flowy streamers and delicious snacks. On the table, Animal Print Plates and Safari Animals Plates are laid out with Safari Cups nearby. Combining these two plates is just a darling idea and ties the color scheme from the balloons to the table!

safari roar shes four birthday party cheetah plate

The star of the show has to be the Cheetah Plate, this cheetah is a lovely shade of muted yellow with fun gold leaf accents! They are shown here with some sweet little petit fours by Tanner Time Treats! How delicious do these animal print treats look?!

zebra napkins

The zebras from the plates leap out of the picture to become the cutest Napkins resting at each place setting. They're accompanied by some beautiful Animal Print Napkins, this allows the guests to clean their messes without getting the zebra napkins dirty (even though that is technically their purpose, but you can't dirty up something that cute)!

roar shes four safari birthday

Above the table, blue and white streamers cascade down the wall and become a backdrop for the cutest banner that encourages the guests to"Party Like an Animal"! This banner has little cutouts of safari animals on either side of the wording and is bordered by some fun Animal Print Balloons. The large animals surrounding the table are such an adorable touch and I'm sure made Paisley feel like she was actually on a Safari!

Final Details

roar shes four birthday party snacks

Kaylee had a creative array of food and drinks available to the guests like a bowl of peanuts with a label making sure everyone knew not to feed the elephants! She also has delicious looking giraffe juice and a bowl of animal cracker dip in the middle of the table! Spotted around the table are little Animal Print Party Hats, there are just so many cute details to this party! 

We are simply enamored by any party that Riner and Company puts together. The attention to detail is such an inspiration to the world of party designers, we know Paisley felt very celebrated by this precious Safari themed birthday party!

 roar she's four pinterest image

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