How to Throw an All Dolled up Barbie Party

by Liesel Kelly July 12, 2023 4 min read

How to Throw a Dolled up Barbie Birthday Party | The Party Darling

Are you a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world? We have just the dream theme for you!

A colorful and stylish Barbie party is suitable for all ages. With Barbie's glam looks and the seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land, it's not surprising that a Barbie birthday party is a popular choice for girls.

Whether you have a little one who plays with Barbies, or if you're a gal who adores pink and has already planned what she's wearing to see the Barbie movie, what's stopping you from throwing a Barbie celebration? 

From pink party food ideas to Barbie party decorations fit for a dream house, we'll cover all things pink and share party inspiration to plan a Malibu Barbie pool party!

So get ready to make a big splash with Ken and your besties, and see why life in plastic is fantastic with our post on How to Throw an All Dolled up Barbie Party! 


Barbie Backdrop with Balloon Garlands

Celebrate the queen of all dolls with this paparazzi-worthy party just for her. We created a backdrop using three beautiful arches in different shades of pink, adorned with pink and white balloon garlands on each end. This sets up the best Barbie photo booth to inspire Insta-worthy photos the iconic Barbie would love.

Barbie Car and Decor | The Party Darling

At the bottom of the balloon garland, we have some cute odds and ends set up to display the nature of the party. A beautiful pink beach bag, pink and white striped towels, a pink floral arrangement, and the classic Barbie car

We found these beach towels already wrapped in ribbon at Walmart—they make the perfect addition to this Barbie pool party!


Barbie Party Bar Cart | The Party DarlingThe party you've been dreaming of is full of sweet treats and mini snacks.
The tip for the best Barbie party food ideas is the sweeter, the better. Our gold bar cart is decked out with all sorts of delicious treats and pink candies Barbie would indulge in.

We included gorgeous pink floral arrangements to accentuate our cart. Flowers add a hint of sophistication to any event. So, similar bouquets would be ideal for a Barbie bachelorette party or a Barbie baby shower!

Barbie Cupcakes | The Party Darling

It's a Barbie party, so you need cute dolled-up cupcakes! We placed our store-bought cupcakes inside pink confetti baking cups with added pink sprinkles to give them a Barbie flare. Our favorite part is the Barbie cupcake toppers we made on the GlowForge that says "Barbie" in the signature font.

Barbie Bar Cart Snacks | The Party Darling

The bottom shelf of the bar cart is no exception to our "pink everywhere" requirement for this party. We have more beautiful flowers in the middle of many other delicious desserts. We filled these pink food cups with pink popcorn to offset the sweet snacks with a little salty twist!

Barbie Pink Cake | The Party DarlingWe found this incredible pink cake at our local grocery store and filled the top with sprinkles. This is an easy way to spruce up your store-bought treats and give everyone the illusion that you spent hours creating this beautiful dessert. You don't need to be a professional baker to "wow" your guests!

Pink Baking Cups with Snack Mix | The Party Darling

We used the remaining pink baking cups and filled them with snack mix to include on the bottom level of the bar cart. Like the cake, we added funky fresh pink sprinkles for a sweet and salty treat!

Pink Chocolate Dipped Cookies | The Party DarlingHere's another DIY party idea for you! We found these heart-shaped palmier cookies at Walmart. We decided they needed a little extra pizza. So we bought pink melting chocolate, melted it in the microwave, and half-dipped the cookies. It's so easy but elevates store-bought snacks so much!

Including plenty of options for drinks, food, snacks, and desserts is best. It gives more alternatives for those that may be picky or have restrictions.


Barbie Table Setting | The Party Darling

We tried incorporating as many shades of pink onto the table as possible (without going overboard). Each girly girl gets an adorable pink gingham scalloped plate topped with a solid pink dessert plateCandy pink cutlery and a pink lunch napkin let guests enjoy their food and keep their hands clean. 

We also used our favorite baker over at Objection Confections for these incredible Barbie cookies. They're also strawberry flavored—how appropriate is that?

Barbie Decal Party Cup | The Party Darling

Inspired by Aqua's entertaining "Barbie Girl" song, we designed our cups to match our Barbie theme! We created this cute emblem that says, "Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party," cut it out of pretty pink vinyl on the Silhouette Cameo, and stuck it onto one of these clear cups

If you have a Cricut machine at home, we totally recommend this trick to make your party more custom—people are always impressed by custom party details!

We included pink striped straw and a Barbie stir stick in each cup so guests can sip in style. We made the drink stirrers with the GlowForge to add another element of the classic gal we're celebrating!

Barbie Party Table Decorations | The Party Darling

The table is lined with a pink striped table runner for the extra pop of white and pink. Sweet pink treat cups filled with pink popcorn are scattered around the table for a quick finger food snack.

Pink Heart Sunglasses | The Party Darling

Each place setting received a pair of pink heart sunglasses—these perfectly embody Barbie's glam fashion style and make great Barbie party favors! Have all the fashionista girls wear them for cute pictures and take home the fun. 


Pink Barbie Pool Float | The Party Darling

Our Barbie pool party would only be complete with these pool party essentials. We found these pink beach balls on Amazon and got the iconic B inflatable pool float from Funboy. The limited edition float is great for two people in the pool and makes a perfect party prop. Now we can make a big splash and party!


Pink Bow Barbie Cookie | The Party DarlingHosting a Barbie party should be as fabulous as the little one you are celebrating! Barbie has been such a constant throughout the years, a figure girls of all ages have looked up to for decades.

We are so excited about the Barbie movie that we wanted to throw our own pink party. We hope our setup has inspired you to throw a memorable Barbie party for your fashionista!

Tag us on Instagram @thepartydarling if you decide to throw a Barbie party, and check back here for more party inspiration!

Throw a Dolled Up Barbie Party | The Party Darling

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