Funky Fresh Bridal Party Inspiration

by Liesel Fagg April 12, 2023 2 min read

Funky Bachelorette Party

It’s warming up which means it’s wedding season! This also means it’s bridal shower and bachelorette party season. I have seen SO much variety in the wedding world lately, from crazy un-traditional colors to disco balls and groovy parties, I am here for it! We have all the Funky Fresh Bridal Inspiration for all of the funky fresh brides out there. So read on and get ready to party!

Funky fresh bachelorette disco party

Every party needs to start with balloons! We have a mix of blush, pink, orange and white balloons as a backdrop for this funky fresh party. You can also add some fun mylar balloons in there to spice it up a little! 

Funky Fresh Bridal Shower

Where do I even begin, it’s all just so cute! A staple in almost every party we’ve done lately has been these Peach and Cream Checkered Plates. This checkered pattern is so trendy right now and adds a ton of color and dimension to the place settings – plus they’re big enough to put all the snacks you want on them! On top of these checkered plates is every girl’s best friend: Diamond Rings. These plates areperfectto celebrate the bride, everyone gets a ring at this party! 

Pretty Pink Bridal Shower

To even out the funky vibes, there’s a Pink and Gold Plate at every other spot at the table. The same ring plate rests on top of the blush plates as a pretty pink reminder of what we’re celebrating! Every gal at the table has an I Do Crew Napkin with Gold and White Cutlery to eat all the pretty snacks you’ll inevitably have!

"The Bride" Reusable Cup

Disco balls and drinks make any party a good time. We gave the bride her own cup, of course! The cup also says “The Bride” just to solidify who it belongs to. The frosted orange plastic with pink writing is the perfect gift for your bestie, and it’s reusable so she can use it again and again! Resting to the side of the glass are Pink Heart Sunglasses to bring in more of the funky fresh vibe.

Bride's Babes Plastic Reusable Cups

Don’t worry, the bride’s besties aren’t left out! All of the other place settings have “Bride's Babes” cups. These are also made of a reusable plastic that will last the whole bachelorette weekend.

Funky Fresh Bride to Be

In the middle of the table is the funkiest and freshest centerpiece! We have tons of small disco balls in the center with our Disco Ball String Lights layering between the cups and other disco balls. Underneath is Pink Heart Shaped Confetti scattered around, because you can never have enough pink. 

We hope this inspired you to hop on the funky bride train! Embrace all of the colors and grooviness and celebrate the bride-to-be in your life!

Throw a Party for the Groovy Bride

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