Football Party Decorations to Kick Off Football Season

by Liesel Kelly August 23, 2023 3 min read

Football Party Decorations to Kick off Football Season | The Party Darling

Fall means cooler temperatures, the start of school, and, most importantly—football season! And that means it's time to gear up for football parties. From youth football to professional NFL games, reasons to celebrate seem to triple, which is the perfect excuse to make every weekend a celebration.

So, we're sharing our playbook of the best football party ideas to help you get your game face on. Whether you're hosting a tailgate party or throwing the ultimate football birthday for your little one, get ready to score some extra points!


Touchdown Football Pennant Flag | The Party DarlingOur team devised a fantastic idea to create a football-themed balloon display that would impress any sports fan. We selected various green, brown, and white latex balloons to match the classic color palette of a football party. To make the display even more exciting, we incorporated a Touchdown Pennant Flag and an NFL Wilson football to spruce up the balloons and add a playful touch.

DIY Banner Football Party | The Party Darling

We didn't have the banner we envisioned when planning our football party. So, instead of finding a new garland, we made our own! We used clothes pins to pin Go Team Foam Finger Napkins to some twine, creating a simple banner ready for any sports party.

This super easy DIY banner hack is so fun and customizable that it can be used with any party and theme. Find some napkins you love that go with the theme and innovate a way to hang them up on a string, ribbon, twine, and voila! Your very own personalized banner. 


To set the scene, we lined our table with brown kraft paper. We chose to leave it plain, but you could add football play designs for a decorative touch.

For a child's football birthday, leave out crayons so the kiddos can draw and have a creative activity during the party!

Football Party Place Setting | The Party DarlingEach player has a Football Field Lunch Plate at the base and a Let's Go Football Helmet Plate on top. The football field plates are ideal for main courses, and the helmet plates are perfect for those half-time desserts. To inspire team spirit and clean up any spills, everyone has their own Football Napkin. Every place setting also has a set of Black and White Reusable Cutlery for easy snacking.

It's Game Day Cup Football Party | The Party Darling

While food (and football) is the main event on game day, every great party can use a signature drink, like a classic root beer! So everyone has a bottle of root beer and an "It's Game Day" Plastic Cup with a Black and White Striped Straw for easy sipping. 

We love these plastic cups because they're not only functional, but they're reusable! You can reuse them for football team parties, tailgate parties, Super Bowl watch parties, or just a Saturday at home with college football on TV.


Custom Football Cookies | The Party DarlingWe love the idea of custom sugar cookies because they give a personalized touch to any party—it's also a way to show who you're rooting for. Our girl Aubra at Objection Confections created an incredible batch of football cookies to match tableware. 

Football Party Snacks | The Party DarlingThere are only so many sweets you can snack on, especially at a tailgate party. So give the football fanatics something substantial to snack on other than sweets! We filled these Referee Touchdown Treat Bags with sandwiches. You can use them for hotdogs, burgers, or other tailgate food ideas. 

Football Food Cups with Snacks | The Party DarlingFor more delicious treats to snack on, we filled these Jumbo Football Food Cups with chips and grapes. These treat cups are big enough for a good-sized serving of fruit, chips, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, salsa, or queso. So, everyone has their individual serving and prevent double-dipping. If you're feeling extra bold, these baking cups are oven-safe, so you can bake giant cupcakes to really kick off the party!

Football Season Party | The Party Darling

We hope these football party ideas inspire you to get into the football spirit and celebrate. Whether you're a professional tailgater, a college or NFL football fan, an avid fantasy football player, or you're wrapped up in your kid's football season—these football decorations can have you celebrating in style! 

So save this blog for easy finding, and follow us on Instagram for more party inspiration! 

Throw a Party to Kick off Football Season | The Party Darling

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