Backyard Camping Party Ideas for a Reel Fun Gone Fishing Party

by Liesel Kelly August 03, 2023 6 min read

Backyard Camping Party Ideas for a Reel Fun Gone Fishing Party | The Party Darling

Camping and fishing are fun summer activities for kids of all ages. Although summer is only a few months, the adventure awaits long after the summer camping trips.

Throwing a camping-themed party can be an excellent way to celebrate that special day, regardless of the season. It's also ideal for scouts, little fisherman, happy campers, or anyone who loves the great outdoors.

So stop the hunt, and check out these creative adventure party ideas! We set up a backyard camping party that's quite a catch, sure to impress kids and adults. With a tackle box full of clever hooks and lures, including camping party food ideas and mountainous and fishing party supplies, little adventurers will swoon over! And whether you're planning on being by the lake or in your backyard, we're sharing tips and tricks to help you organize the perfect camping birthday for your happy camper.  

So cast your troubles aside and reel in a fun time with a gone fishing birthday party under the stars! 

Camping Fishing Party Balloons | The Party Darling

Gone Fishing Backdrop Ideas

We love an eye-catching scene that grabs attention and offers an ideal setting for picture-perfect moments. So for our backdrop, we leaned a wooden arch against a tree and decorated it with an extravagant camping balloon garland and fishing banner—now we're ready for fin-tastic photos!

We used shades of brown, green, and teal latex balloons in our balloon garland to coordinate with the theme's colors. A giant Trout Balloon is up at the top, showing off his size to all the jealous fishermen. Hopefully, the sweet Bear Face Balloon in the middle is the only giant bear you'll see at camp. And the majestic Mountain Balloon brings the mountains wherever you are, even here in Oklahoma!

The Gone Fishing Banner across the arch features cutouts of a fishing hat, fish, a bauble, and a "gone fishing" sign. Lastly, we added Fishing Bobber Plates to enhance the overall look of the balloon garland. Using plates as decorations is a simple method to coordinate the table setting with the balloons.

Camping Party Teepee | The Party Darling

Outdoor Teepee Tent for Camping Party

No camping party is complete without tents! We used this precious teepee and filled it with cozy pillows and blankets, taking this party from ordinary to extraordinary! You can find teepee party rentals near you that provide everything to create a relaxing space for the kids. Teepee tents are also perfect for glamping, garden parties, outdoor movie nights, sleepover parties, and so much more. 

We decorated our teepee with a balloon garland in the same colors on the wooden arch backdrop. Then on either side of the entrance is an Adventure Garland—it comes with a strand of bear cutouts and adventure patches! Any birthday boy or girl will be excited to get some shut-eye at night in this teepee tent. 

DIY Snackle Box for a Fishing Party | The Party Darling

DIY Snackle Box Ideas for Kids

If you are like us, then you love snacks. We are always looking for creative ways to display party food, and when we heard about the snackle box trend, we knew we had to include it in our fishing party! Snackle boxes are great because they allow you to have all sorts of goodies at once.

For our snackle box, we used a fishing tackle box, and instead of fishing gear, we filled it with yummy goldfish, gummy worms (for bait, of course!), gummy sharks, and Swedish Fish!

You can make one snackle box for the kiddos to share, or make each one a small one of their own to enjoy while watching a movie or hanging out around a campfire.

One of the best parts about creating a snackle box is its customization to fit various themes. Depending on the size of your container, your imagination is the limit!

Here are more food ideas to include in your snackle box:

  • Sweet Treats: Chocolate, candy, gummy bears, marshmallows, or anything sweet and sugary.

  • Salty Snacks: Chips, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, and more.

  • Healthy Options: Blueberries, blackberries, olives, baby carrots, nuts, and other fresh produce.

  • Charcuterie board: Cheeses, meat, olives, nuts, hummus, and crackers.

Snack Shelves at Camping Party | The Party Darling

S'more Snacks, Please! Camping Party Food Ideas 

Just because you're camping doesn't mean you need to be entirely off the grid! We turned our camping adventure into a glamping experience by utilizing a bookshelf and filling it with goodies. 

Happy Camper Cake Toppers | The Party Darling

On the top shelf, we displayed the birthday cake adorned with Adventure Cake Toppers and a gone fishing sign on the side. Cake decorations and toppers can turn any plain cake into the ultimate dessert. We also added a beautifully rustic bouquet of flowers to the side to enrich the natural ambiance.

Camping and Fishing Party Snacks | The Party DarlingWe incorporated a wooden tree stump cake stand showcasing delicious chocolate cupcakes on this shelf. The cupcakes are resting in Black and White Plaid baking cups with a Gone Fishing Cupcake Pick sticking out of each one. Additionally, we arranged peanut butter cookies on top of a cake stand.

Adventure Awaits Adventure Party | The Party DarlingWe displayed a felt letter board on the next shelf to read "Adventure Awaits Let's Go Fishing" next to a bud vase with a smaller floral arrangement. Then added another cake stand loaded with store-bought cinnamon rolls! 

Camping Adventure Party | The Party DarlingThen on the bottom shelf, we used a large wooden slice to pile Happy Camper Baking Cups filled with caramel popcorn and mini chocolate chip cookies. We love baking cups because they're great for baking cupcakes and just the right size for serving small finger foods. And if your happy campers still have the munchies, another cake stand is piled high with powdered donuts. Grab-and-go snacks are essential for your fishing buddies!

S'mores Board Camping Party | The Party DarlingS'mores are a must-have for any outdoor camping party! We loaded a serving tray with the classic campfire S'mores recipe—graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey's chocolates. Spice up your s'mores station by incorporating various chocolate candies like Reese's, caramel-filled bars, or any other flavor that suits your fancy. This will add a little extra pizazz to the s'mores making fun!

And don't forget the roasting sticks! While we selected bamboo skewers, you can find sturdy alternatives like stainless steel roasting sticks at your local store. Just remember to maintain a safe distance from the open fire.

Fishing and Camping Sugar Cookies

To add the final touch to our desserts, Objection Confections made us a batch of adorable camping and fishing sugar cookies to match our theme. The vibrant colors and intricate details always astound us! 

If you want to add a personal touch to your event, find a local bakery that offers decorated sugar cookies. 

Adventure Camping Party | The Party Darling

Camping Table Decorations

The big picnic table in the middle is the perfect spot for your scouts to rest and enjoy some grub! To complement the outdoorsy vibe, we used a low table and sat pillows on the ground as seats. 

Down the center of the table is an Adventure Table Runner. This black and white table runner can be used for decoration and an activity for the kids! Lay out crayons, colored pencils, or markers, and let them add color to their adventure map.

Mountain Adventure Camping Party | The Party DarlingThe mountains are calling—they're ready to hold your snacks! These Mountain Plates perfectly match the mountain balloon we used in the balloon arch and are great for serving up a campfire dinner. On top of the mountain plate is a Bobber Plate that can be used for dessert or for piling on extra food that won't fit on the mountain plate. 

Black Doodle Cutlery | The Party DarlingForget about messy fingers when you use this Doodles Wooden Cutlery set. The wooden material accompanies the outdoors vibe, and the cute squiggles, dots, and lines create a whimsical effect that looks so cute with the rest of the table decor.

Fishing Hat Napkin | The Party DarlingClean up any spills with Fishing Hat lunch napkins. These white napkins have a single brown fishing hat in the middle, ready to make a splash at the party. 

Gone Fishing Paper Cups | The Party Darling

We couldn't wait to use these Gone Fishing Cups! These paper cups have colored fish swimming around the cup, waiting for a big gulp to fill them up. We dropped a Kraft Paper Straw inside each cup so little fishermen could easily sip while baiting their rods. 

The convenience of a to-go cup with lids has never been more appreciated than when provided to rowdy outdoorsmen! And these Adventure To-Go Cups are just right for them to sip on the go.

Happy Camper Party Banner | The Party DarlingAs the final touch to our table decoration, we hung a Happy Camper Banner on the front to remind the youngsters of the exciting times ahead!

Happy Camper Adventure Party | The Party DarlingWe know camping can be in-tents, but hosting an outdoor camping and fishing party will surely be a fin-tastic time! We hope you enjoyed our party guide and found inspiration for your event. Whether you're looking for birthday party ideas for boy scouts or hosting an o-fish-ally one birthday party, we'd love to see how your camping and fishing party goes!

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Reel in the Fun With a Camping Party | The Party Darling

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