6 Simple Steps for Planning a Fun Thanksgiving Table for Kids

by Liesel Kelly October 11, 2023 4 min read

6 Simple Steps for Planning a Fun Thanksgiving Table for Kids | The Party Darling

Creating a separate and dedicated Thanksgiving table for the kids can make the experience more enjoyable and memorable for them. As you start planning your Thanksgiving setup, designing a child-friendly space can be as simple as using disposable tableware to avoid breakage or spills and providing Thanksgiving crafts to keep them engaged while the adults enjoy their meal.

This year, we're going all out for kids' Thanksgiving table decorations! Bright colors and themed decor are just some ways we plan to make Thanksgiving fun for kids and guarantee big smiles on those little faces. So read on and discover engaging Thanksgiving kid's table ideas to create core memories for the little ones.

Turkey Themed Thanksgiving Kids Table | The Party Darling

1. Gather the Family

Make a list of the family and friends attending your Thanksgiving so you can plan ahead for the table arrangements and choose perfectly-sized seating. You'll also know how much disposable tableware and activities to get for the kiddos.

2. Add Colorful Elements

Thanksgiving Kids Table Decor | The Party Darling

You never want to get halfway into decorating and realize you forgot to set the base layer of balloons and backdrops! Start by matching balloons to the table decor. For our Thanksgiving balloon garland, we used latex balloons in OrangeGoldenrodSea Glass, and White Sand colors. 

The Thankful Pennant Flag made its seasonal debut in the balloon garland. Pennant flags are lovely to include in a centerpiece arrangement and even work as photo props for family photos! 

We also added a colorful Turkey Pom Pom Banner. The turkeys stayed in the window while we draped the pom pom part of the banner around the chandelier. These kid-friendly turkey decorations create a whimsical display for the kids while they enjoy their feast. 

3. Opt for Disposable Tableware

Thanksgiving Kids Table Turkey Plate | The Party DarlingNow, it's time to dress the table for the ultimate feast. We started off by adding a Thanksgiving Activity Place Mat at each place setting. These coloring activity mats create a barrier between the messy eaters and the table and give a creative outlet for the little artists. With room to color, the kids will be sure to stay busy while the adults socialize. 

Thanksgiving Blue Gingham Pumpkin Plate | The Party DarlingTo make the cleanup process a breeze, select disposable tableware that is easy to clear. To add a unique touch to our tablescape, we alternated a Thanksgiving Turkey Lunch Plate and a Thankful Dinner Plate with a Fall Gingham Pumpkin layered on top. Each disposable plate is big enough to pile on the grub, creating a no-mess cleanup and allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones and less time worrying about the aftermath of the feast. A win-win for everyone! 

Gold Reusable Cutlery Thanksgiving Table | The Party DarlingEvery seat has Gold Reusable Cutlery to keep messes to a minimum and create less pressure on the kids to be careful with real silverware. Underneath is a Festive Thanksgiving Guest Towel with adorable fringe and a Give Thanks Cocktail Napkin for extra mess security.

Kids Table Thanksgiving Turkey Cups | The Party Darling

During all the Thanksgiving festivities, keep your little turkeys hydrated. Cute turkey cups are a must, especially when they offer more DIY fun. The Turkey Paper Cups come with colorful paper feathers that you can either stick on ahead of time or let the kids decorate their own. Additionally, you can opt for Turkey Coffee Cups with fitted lids that can withstand the excitement of young guests, keeping spills to a minimum. These cups also have a space on the cardboard sleeve to write names, which is helpful for big families to keep track of their drinks.

4. Let Them Get Creative

Kids Thanksgiving Table Turkey Hat | The Party DarlingKeep the kids occupied while the adults have their second helping (or third) with Thanksgiving party favors and crafts. We set out Turkey Hats at every place setting. Not only can guests wear cute turkey hats, but they also accessorize the table decorations. 

Kids Thankful Craft Thanksgiving | The Party Darling

If the kids run out of space to color on their placemats, these I am Thankful For... Activity Cards are the perfect next step. This gives kids more coloring room and an area to practice gratitude. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Sewing Craft | The Party DarlingAdding to our Thanksgiving activities, we laid out Thanksgiving Sewing Crafts around the table. This fall activity kit comes with acorn, turkey, and leaf stitch cards, one blunt needle, and threads in five colors, giving the kids everything they need to complete the crafts. Not only is it entertaining, but it also helps develop fine motor skills! 

Thanksgiving Cookie Decorating | The Party Darling

5. Serve Kid-Friendly Snacks

We set up a cookie decorating station to spice up our autumn festivities. We included plain sugar cookies, frostings in different flavors, and fall-themed sprinkles. The kids and adults alike will love this delicious activity!

Thanksgiving Cupcakes | The Party DarlingIn the middle of the table, we have two cake stands with Fall Baking Cups filled with cupcakes and popcorn. Whether you make homemade desserts or drop-in finger-friendly snacks, baking cups are great for individual serving, especially with kids. 

6. Be Thankful

This time of year, we are incredibly thankful for family and friends. We hope this inspiration removes the stress of planning an extravagant Thanksgiving table for the kids so you can sit back, relax, and watch them enjoy the day!

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Decorate a Fun Kids Thanksgiving Table | The Party Darling

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