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Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Party Game

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It's a classic party game with a magical update—Our Pin the Tail on the Unicorn party game features two sets of 12 horn stockers that are numbered 1-12, making it easy to identify the blindfolded winner who places a horn closest to the unicorn's head. Attach the unicorn poster to a smooth wall or door at a height that all players can easily reach. Each player takes a numbered horn sticker. On each player's turn, put on the unicorn mask, spin them around and then aim them towards the poster. The player who pins their horn closest to the target is the winner and receives a winner’s sticker! Perfect party game for kids to play at a unicorn birthday party.

Item Details:
  • 1 cardstock unicorn blindfold mask
  • 1 unicorn poster
  • 2 sets of 12 numbered unicorn stockers
  • 2 sets of winner stickers

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This was such a fun and, thanks to Party Darling, easy party to throw together! You would have thought I planned for months. This collection was everything you need to throw a detailed, thoughtful theme party and it shipped extremely fast. The owner worked so generously with me to create the perfect invite and gift tags too! I will for sure be ordering future party decor here! Xoxo!!