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In Tulsa event planning for kids can be frustrating, difficult, overwhelming, and whatever other words you want to use to describe creating the absolute best event for your children. That is why Stephanie eckman decided to start The Party Darling.  She has a knack and a passion for designing parties with guests that number less than 50. Even more so she really loves designing events for children that are awe-inspiring magical and mesmerizing. When you go with The Party Darling, there is almost no detail left to chance. With the combination of everything that they provide and everything that their partners provide it is nearly impossible not to have an extravagantly amazing event for your children.

In Tulsa event planning for kids just got a whole lot easier when Stephanie eckman at The Party Darling came on the scene.  She started The Party Darling as a side business on top of being a full-time accountant. A full-time accountant, yes you heard that right. What in the world would a full-time accountant and party planning have to do with each other they seem mutually exclusive and in fact almost like an oxymoron. You’d be surprised how much accounting, liking numbers, being good at statistics, and enjoying organizing things has the do with putting on a kids event that amazes and creates magic. You think the magic at Disney World is just created with little to no thought organization, thinking, and planning there is more thinking and planning that go into creating the magic at Disney World than just about any other business on the face of the earth.

This magic is no different when Stephanie eckman is creating and in Tulsa event planning for kids. She creates magic with her background in accounting by putting all the necessary details in place to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. This is the key to any event, the without a hitch part. The hitches are things that start to go wrong and where an event can start to turn ugly. That is why Stephanie eckman at The Party Darling is such a tremendous person to put in charge of your event you can rest assured that there will be no hitches, and you can focus on having fun and enjoying your guests.

Just some of the events that The Party Darling provides planning and execution for our birthday parties for children and adults, baby showers for mothers and for fathers, graduation parties, sporting event parties, and just about any other event or party that you can think of that is going to have guests of 50 or less.

The Party Darling with Stephanie eckman is referred to as a boutique style party business. Boutique style meeting they want to ensure that they have a custom approach for each party and handle each client with diligence and attention. If you are looking for a party planning company the come in bulldozing and with their cookie-cutter templates than The Party Darling is not your company. The Party Darling takes the time to sit down and meet with you to decide what the best options are for your party and for your kids so that everybody has the best experience possible both the people putting it on and the people enjoying it.

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This content was written for Party Darling

Stephanie Eckman at The Party Darling is the expert in Tulsa event planning for kids. There is nobody better or more passionate in Tulsa than Stephanie Eckman of The Party Darling to plan your child’s next birthday party, graduation party, or celebration. Stephanie is extremely detail oriented she is an accountant by trade and will make sure that every single piece of the event planning puzzle gets done and done correctly. This ensures that you the person putting on the event doesn’t have to worry about anything and instead can fully enjoy seeing the smiles and laughter on your kid’s face.

There is nothing worse than spending weeks or months planning a perfect party for your kids and something goes wrong, or you spend the entire party making sure that it is going perfect and completely miss spending time with your kids. You miss seeing the enjoyments, the laughter, and the fun that all of your hard work went into creating for them. Why wouldn’t you just hire somebody like Stephanie at The Party Darling to handle all these details for you to allow you to do what you really want to do and that is spend time enjoying your kids and watching them have fun?

Since Stephanie is an accountant by trade she will make sure that every single thing is in order. Being an accountant makes her extremely detail oriented and being detail oriented in the party planning business is not something that is commonplace. That is why a lot of large events or small events put on by party planners some things seem to get forgotten somehow. This will not happen with Stephanie Eckman of The Party Darling.

You may be wondering why an accountant started a party planning business. Well, in Tulsa event planning for kids is is hard to find and the business was created more out of necessity and a need than it was out of sheer will. Stephanie originally started off going to school for interior design. She switched to accounting later on and made that her career. However, she kept the interior design bug with her and as her friends started seeing her house and seeing her do things for other people they started asking her to start designing and planning their kids birthday parties and other parties. There was obviously a demand in the marketplace for Tulsa event planning for kids, and Stephanie just happened to have the knack for it and therefore, her friends kind of forced her into it.

With that being said she was more than happy to be forced into it because she loves doing it. The Party Darling is a boutique party planning company that caters to parties of 50 people are less than what you ensure that all their guests have an exquisite experience at their party. It also caters to people who want to make sure that every single piece of the party goes off without a hitch. To learn more simply go to

No Hassle Event Planning for Kids

This content was written for Party Darling

When it comes to Tulsa event planning for kids, you are not going to find a better person or better company to handle your kid’s party then Stephanie Eckman of The Party Darling. She is going to treat your child’s party as if it were her own child’s party. Making sure that every t is crossed every i is dotted so that everybody involved can enjoy the party for what the party is for, which is the celebration of your child’s birthday or accomplishment. One of the worst things that can happen when planning these events or parties for your children is you spend the entire time ensuring that your kid is having a great time, and you forget to relax and watch your kid have a great time. You’ll find yourself after the parties over not knowing if your kid had a good time at all, but instead knowing that you have put on a good party and you hope that they had a good time.

The only way you will really know that they had a good time is from the pictures and videos after the party is over. Is this really how you want to experience this event, through the pictures from it. I wouldn’t think so because what is the joy in life and what is the purpose of putting on such a great party for your child if you can’t personally experience the joy and fulfillment they receive from it? This is where Stephanie at The Party Darling comes in with her experience Tulsa event planning for kids.

She is the expert in Tulsa in creating a magical and wonderful event for your children whether it be for their birthday party, their graduation, or some other major event in their life. She will ensure that everything is in place for you so that the work required by you is minimal and you can spend the majority of the party taking in the enjoyment and fulfillment that your kid is experiencing. Some of the things that The Party Darling provides are a consultation to come up with a unique theme, backdrops, props, balloons, paper goods, invitations, favors, banners, custom graphics, party principles, signs, toppers for your cupcakes, drink labels, favor tags, stickers, and a plethora of other party supplies. With such a custom approach you can ensure that your party will not be like any other.

To take it a step further if you need refreshments for your party although The Party Darling doesn’t handle those directly they do have a host of partners who can provide cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other sweets that you may want at your event.

When it comes to Tulsa event planning for kids, there is no place you would get a better experience and ultimately have a better party than The Party Darling. If you want to have the best party for your kids without spending night and day planning it and then worrying and rushing around the entire party missing the entire experience then you need to hire The Party Darling.