Tulsa Party Planning for Small Events

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Stephanie at The Party Darling specializes in Tulsa event planning for kids. Really she specializes in event planning for any event that has 50 people or less attending. She realized there was a need in the market for people to plan more intimate smaller parties. Most party planning and event planning companies do not deal with Tulsa event planning for kids because the events are usually smaller than 50 people. If you have an event coming up for your children or an event that is smaller than 50 guests, visit The Party Darling at www.thepartydarling.com for more information.

When it comes to planning small parties with a guest list of 50 guests or less Stephanie at The Party Darling is at her best. She will ensure that you shine at the party that she helps you plan. The process is very simple yet extremely personalized when it comes to working with Stephanie at The Party Darling. You will simply sit down and discuss exactly what you are needing and wanting for your intimate party and occasion. Stephanie will then discuss with you themes that will fit perfectly with what you are looking to accomplish. Once you both decide on the theme that you want to go with for your party, she will then go to work on designing the perfect customized party for you.

Tulsa event planning for kids is one of Stephanie’s specialties. She really enjoys planning themed parties for kids because kids light up when they see a themed party created just for them. This could be a dinosaur party, a train party, a country fair party, or any other type of party that you can think of. Kids love themed events. Just look at Disneyland and Disney World for proof of that.

Stephanie comes from a different background and has different experience than most party planners which sets her apart in being able to create a very detail oriented and magnificent themed and customized party for you. She is an accountant by trade and an interior designer by heart. When you combine these two skills, you have a very detail oriented party planner who is extremely gifted at putting together intelligently designed themes and party favors. This leads to Tulsa event planning for kids that is nearly impeccable.  As an accountant by trade, she makes sure that every single piece of the puzzle is exactly where it needs to be. As an interior designer by heart, she makes sure that everything is visually pleasing and matches the theme with color and feel.

To hire Stephanie for your kids event planning visit her website at www.thepartydarling.com. At her website, you will also be able to learn more about who she is and see some of her custom-designed and themed parties. Furthermore, you will be able to read testimonials from numerous people who have utilized her for their custom planning needs. You will never be disappointed when utilizing Stephanie at The Party Darling for your party planning needs.

Tulsa Kids Party Planner

This content was written for Party Darling

The Party Darling is one of the few party planning companies that offers Tulsa event planning for kids. It is very hard to find event planning company’s who specialize and focus on providing exceptional  Tulsa event planning for kids because often times kids parties do not meet the 50 person minimum guest requirement. The Party Darling, on the other hand, specializes in creating exceptional custom parties for events of 50 people or less. They take pride in creating custom party plans for events that are smaller than most party planning and event planning companies will even touch. To find out more you can visit their website www.thepartydarling.com.

They provide Tulsa event planning for kid’s birthday parties for girls and for boys. Some of the themes for the boys birthday parties that they have done in the past include on the night you were born parties, vintage airplane parties, and vintage car parties, these of course can be used for girls parties as well depending on what your child’s interests are. Some of the girls specific parties that The Party Darling has done in the past include Annie the movie parties, pink glam first birthday parties, pink and gold princess parties, winter wonderland parties, pink and black first birthday parties, pink and gold flamingo parties, girly County fair parties, preppy whale parties, art parties, peacock spa parties, and garden parties.

The process to get started with The Party Darling is very simple yet very customized and personal. You will sit down with Stephanie the owner and chief party planner at The Party Darling to discuss your vision for your child’s party. After she understands fully what you’re looking to accomplish and what your vision is for your child’s party, you will come up with a unique theme and then she will work in collaboration with you plan the perfect custom party. The Party Darling provides just about everything you could possibly need for a custom party including the design, props, paper goods, balloons, favors, banners, invitations, and backdrops.

When utilizing The Party Darling, you will no longer have to buy generic party favors decorations and designs because The Party Darling will custom design and create all of that for you. This is a hit every single time with all of the kids and parents who attend the parties that The Party Darling plans and provides decorations for. You will be thrilled with the quality of the materials provided for your unique party by The Party Darling.

If you want to have the absolute best party for your kids, there is only one person that you want planning that party and that is Stephanie at The Party Darling. She goes to excruciating detail to ensure that every single aspect of the party is planned out to perfection. She wants to ensure that your child has the absolute best party they possibly can. Stephanie will handle all the details of the party for you so that you can focus on enjoying the party and the enjoyment of your child.