Hands-On Custom Event Planning for Kids

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Stephanie Eckman at The Party Darling is the expert in Tulsa event planning for kids. She knows how to handle a party from ground zero all the way up to launch and success. Many times kids birthday parties, graduations, or other celebrations become overwhelming and stressful for the people planning them, predominantly the parents. The parents want these events to be absolutely perfect and go off without a hitch. This stems from them wanting everything they possibly can have for their kid in there wanting their kid to have the best possible time with this momentous occasion. When you hire Stephanie at The Party Darling, you can rest assured that your kid will have an absolutely momentous celebration to remember this momentous occasion by.

Stephanie Eckman believes in a very hands-on customized approach when it comes to Tulsa event planning for kids. She wants to make sure that she delivers an event that is exactly and precisely what the event planners are wanting and what is going to satisfy and excite the kids. To do that she’s going to meet with the party planner one-on-one to discuss themes, custom materials, and any the other important details of the event. Stephanie wants to ensure that she knows exactly what is wanted and exactly what needs to be delivered.

The Party Darling is not a company who is looking for huge events and huge venues. Instead, they are unique and customized in the fact that they want to help plan parties that are 50 people or less. These are the parties that sometimes cause the most stress because they’re put on by people who are not necessarily getting paid to put on these events and are trying to fit it in amongst everything else that they’re doing. Stephanie can come in and save the day with an economical price that makes sense and in the long run, will actually save you money and time.

Events such as children’s birthday parties can be a time suck and overwhelming when it comes to today’s busy schedules running kids to and from soccer practice, school, and other extracurricular activities. That is of course on top of a job and your other responsibilities. The other thing they can be overwhelming about children’s birthday parties is all of the ideas that are available these days via Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites like that. There are almost too many options, and it’s hard and overwhelming to decide on just one. Stephanie can really help narrow that down and ensure that you get exactly what you want

Stephanie will work hard to ensure that if you’re in Tulsa event planning for kids that you are able to create an event that is exactly what you want at a price that is affordable and with as little hassle as possible. You have other things to do, more important things to do than worry about ensuring that your children’s birthday party or graduation party goes perfectly. Instead, be assured that it will go perfectly by hiring Stephanie Eckman at The Party Darling.

Expert Small Party Planner in Tulsa

This content was written for Party Darling

Are you in Tulsa event planning for kids? If so I have a special treat for you. What if you could have somebody plan the entire event for you and ensure that it was perfect down to last detail? Would you take them up on it? Or would you try and do the whole thing yourself, and end up stressed out, and still possibly not have everything work out perfectly for the event for your kids? Stephanie Eckman at The Party Darling is able to handle all of your event planning for your kids in Tulsa at a very economical and reasonable price, and your event will be perfect.

Stephanie Eckman, party designer, and stylist is a specialist and an expert when it comes to Tulsa event planning for kids. She is an accountant by day and a party planning extraordinaire by night. She started her college career in interior design but decided the accountant route was the better option at the time. She has since gone on to become a full-time accountant, but the interior designing kept calling her name. She continued to keep up on the latest trends and interior design methodologies. Which led her friends to start asking her questions about interior design which ultimately led to party planning which ultimately ultimately led to her starting The Party Darling party planning business.

You know you are good at something when people start asking you to do that thing without you even advertising that you do it. This is exactly what happened to Stephanie Eckman when it comes to party planning. The Party Darling is a boutique party planning business that caters to the parties and events that are 50 people and under. This is much different than most party planning companies who cater to the much larger events and don’t have the time or the means to work with the smaller parties or events. Stephanie prefers to work with the smaller parties and events.

Stephanie at The Party Darling can provide every single aspect of the party process from coming up with a unique theme, planning the perfect custom party, to all the actual party elements including invites, favors, balloons, banners, props, backdrops, custom graphic design, drink labels, stickers, just about anything else that you could think that you wanted at a party. These are all able to be made custom for your party. Making your party unlike any other party in town.

Tulsa event planning for kids and small events has become such a passion for Stephanie that she can’t imagine her life without it is part of it. She wants to ensure that every single party that she plans is a special event and remembered for the rest of people’s lives. She goes to excruciating detail to ensure that everything is just right and just the way that her client wants it. This is partly the accountant in her and partly interior designer in her. They come together to make an extremely skilled party planner. To learn more visit www.thepartydarling.com.