Themed Children’s Parties

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When it comes to finding a Tulsa event planner for kids, there is really only one place that you should go and that is the Party Darling. The Party Darling is the expert in Tulsa when it comes to a Tulsa event planner for kids. She specializes in planning events of 40 people or less. This is most times what you’re going to be having when you’re having an event for kids. Furthermore, she loves to see the twinkle in children’s eyes when they are amazed by the custom creations that she creates for their party. To contact the Party Darling call 918-884-7188.

One of the packages that the  Party Darling offers is the Simply Darling Package. In the Simply Darling Package, you have the supplies for up to 20 guests, and it allows you to set up your party in the easiest way possible with as little hassle as possible. If you do have more than 20 guests and you still want to utilize the Simply Darling Package, you simply have to pay five dollars more per person. The Simply Darling Package starts at just $400 for everything that you could need for a slammin’ party for your children.

It includes first and foremost a free consultation included. This free consultation helps to set out exactly what you want to achieve in your party. This is where you will determine the theme that you want to have for your party, the types of things you want at your party, and how you want the party to come across to the person that is getting celebrated. The consultation is a vital part of the entire party planning process. It is crucial that you fully tell The Party Darling exactly what you want to have be the outcome of your party.

Another thing that you’re going to get as part of the Simply Darling Package is custom party invitations. This is one of the coolest things that the Party Darling does. How cool is it to get a custom party invitation for your party. This isn’t like going down to the store and buying invitations that everybody uses. The Party Darling will print out specific customized cards exactly like you want them for your child’s party. This is an extremely cool perk of utilizing the Party Darling. There are few things that are cooler than having custom party invitations printed up for your child’s birthday party.

The Party Darling is the Tulsa event planner for kids that you want to utilize for any party that is going to be 40 guests or less. She is an expert when it comes to creating a magical party for your children. It doesn’t matter if it is a birthday party, a graduation celebration, a baptism party, or anything else she will make sure that it is themed perfectly and that all of the party favors match the theme of the party. She is the expert when it comes to planning your child’s party or celebration.

Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

This content was written for Party Darling

Are you looking for a Tulsa event planner for kids for your child’s next birthday party or graduation party? If so then you want to make sure that you look into the Party Darling. You can contact the Party Darling at 918-884-7188. The Party Darling specializes in parties that are 40 guests or less. When it comes to parties that are 20 guests or less the Party Darling has a special package just for those parties. She calls it the Simply Darling Package. The Simply Darling Package is designed specifically for parties that contain 20 guests and give the party planner or organizer everything they need to pull off the party as easy and as hassle-free as possible.

Things that are included in the Party Darling package are things like themed personalize printables. Themed personalized printables make your party stand out of every other party that these children and parents have been to. Simply because everything will be dedicated to the customization of the theme of your party and the person being celebrated everything stands out. This is very cool for the person being celebrated as well. There is nothing quite like seeing your name printed on cool looking napkins, favor tags, cup stickers, water bottles, and a birthday banner. This really wows children.

All packages come with a free consultation. The free consultation is where you will sit down with the Party Darling to determine exactly what you want out of your party. You need to have the end in mind and understand what type of party that you want so that you come up with a theme. Once the theme is determined the Party Darling will go to work in creating everything to make that  theme come to life. Kids loved themed birthday parties. It is one of the coolest things about being a kid in the first place.

The Party Darling will make these themed birthday parties take on a whole other level and a whole other meeting. These are exquisitely planned and crafted themed birthday parties. They will make your child light up with excitement and joy. They will also be the talk of your friends because of the intricate detail work that goes into each party. Things like themed party favors, themed water bottle labels, themed cupcake toppers and wrappers. Nothing is left to chance everything is planned out intricately to make sure that the birthday goes off without a hitch.

For the best Tulsa event planner for kids, you want to hire the Party Darling. The Party Darling will be sure that everything is planned out for you so that all you have to do is throw the party. They take all of the prep work off of the table for you. All you have to do is give your input and tell the Party Darling what you want to have your party be like. The Party Darling will handle the rest for you. Call the Party Darling and 918-8847-180 today to get started.