Themed Birthday Party Planning in Tulsa

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The best Tulsa event planner for kids is the Party Darling. The Party Darling specializes in helping plan events that are of 40 people or fewer. Most often kids events are in this range. Therefore, the Party Darling has a tremendous amount of experience planning children’s birthday parties, graduations, baptism parties, and so forth. The Party Darling has three packages to choose from when it comes to planning the perfect party for your children. To contact the Party Darling simply call 918-884-7188. You will be wowed and amazed by the work that the Party Darling does for you and your child’s party.

One of the packages that the Party Darling offers is the Just Darling Package.  The Just Darling Package is one of the most utilized packages from the Party Darling. It provides just the right amount of stuff that you need to make sure that your child’s birthday party both wows and amazes the parents and the children alike. The Just Darling Package is designed for up to 20 guests. If your party is going to have over 20 guests, then you simply will pay five dollars more per person for the necessary increase in supplies.

The Just Darling Package starts at just $900. Some of the things that are included in the Just Darling Package include lunch plates, dessert plates, lunch napkins, and paper cups. However, there is nothing too exciting about dishes. What is exciting is the things that are themed for your individual party. Things like a themed and personalized welcome sign and birthday banner. Things like themed and personalized water bottle labels. Things like themed and personalized napkin wraps and cupcake stickers. These are what wow people and help kids to feel really important and appreciated. This is where the fun starts and where the theming of the party gets into full gear.

Some of the even cooler things that come with the Just Darling Package that help take a lot of work off of the parent or organizer of the party includes things like pre-party preparation and event styling. This is where the magic of the Party Darling really comes into play. This is the reason that the Party Darling is the best Tulsa event planner for kids hands down. The Party Darling is an expert when it comes to events styling including themed props. One of the other things that really helps the party organizer or parent when they purchased the Just Darling Package is the event setup and breakdown.

Everybody knows how much of a pain in the butt it is to get set up and break down a party after it is over. That is why with the Just Darling Package they have taken this work off of your hands. This way you can focus 100% on being there and being present with your child and your guests. On top of helping with setup and breakdown, The Party Darling will also create personalized thank you cards and a themed sweets table with linen.

Party Planning Help in Tulsa

This content was written for Party Darling

When people are looking for a Tulsa event planner for kids the most common recommendation is to contact the Party Darling at 918-884-7188. So why do so many people recommend the Party Darling for Tulsa event planning for kids? Simply because this is what their specialty is and because they are extremely good at it. The Party Darling Package includes just about everything that you could possibly need to help make your party go off without a hitch. There is a very little that you will need to do other than the free consultation and show up for the party. Everything else is provided by the Just Darling Package.

In the free consultation, you will sit down with the Party Darling to discuss exactly what it is that you want the theme of your party to be. Many people take things like dinosaurs, princesses, pirates, animals, and other things similar to these. However, let your imagination run wild. The Party Darling loves to have a challenge and create a party theme that she has not done before. During the free consultation not only will you come up with a theme but you will also decide on which package that you want to go with. The different levels of packages simply are varying levels of receivables. There are three different levels to choose from.

One of the most frequently selected packages is the Just Darling Package. The Just Darling Package includes, of course, the free consultation, custom themed party, and design of the party. It also includes custom party invitations and thank you cards. Two of the things that I lot of the parents enjoyed the most about the Just Darling Package is the pre-party preparation and event setup and breakdown. These are two things that take a lot of time, energy, and hassle. The Party Darling wants to make sure that they take as much of this off of your hands as possible so that you can enjoy the party right along with everybody else. This is why they offered the pre-party preparation and the event setup and breakdown.

Are you kidding me? You’re telling me that I can have somebody set up and break down my party for me? This is an unbelievable service and something that simply takes away all most all of the hassle of putting a party together. When you combine that with the pre-party preparation this deal cannot be beaten anywhere or by anyone. To go even further the Party Darling provides custom themed printable’s for you and the person who is being celebrated. This makes them feel like 1 million bucks and like a movie star.

For the absolute best Tulsa event planner for kids at an economical value to give you everything that you need to plan the perfect party call the Party Darling. The Party Darling will ensure that you have everything that you could possibly need and more for your party to be the talk of the town.  Call them today to schedule your free consultation.