One Stop Shop Party Planning

This article was written for The Party Darling.

There’s no need to become frustrated with all of the ins and outs of planning a party for a child. There is only one dedicated Tulsa event planner for kids in the metro area. The Party Darling has been providing the best event and party planning service for children in the Tulsa Metro area for some years now. Her service not only provides the complete process of planning but also comes with several other amenities to make your party a memorable event. To come into contact with The Party Darling pick up the telephone and give her a call at 918-884-7188.

The checklist of planning an event or party for a child can be overwhelming from the get-go. There are so many different retail shops that you must visit in order to get everything you need that you will end up spending more time planning the party then you will enjoy the party. Parties and events for our children are ones that, as parents, we can’t afford to miss out on. Our children only get older as the years go by and each birthday party is a chance to stop for a moment and celebrate a new year of their life. Get in contact with The Party Darling to save yourself any extra frustration or wasted time so you can truly enjoy the celebration of your child.

The services offered by The Party Darling extend far beyond party planning. They also offer several party favors, theme options and customizable printouts. You could have a banner, cupcake toppers or even drink sleeves that are uniquely designed to the personality of your child. You can create a birthday that is an all-in-one atmosphere of whatever your child child wants. A birthday party is your chance to honor your child once a year with all of your friends and family. By working with The Party Darling Juergen experience that will be remembered for many years to come.

There are several different packages and amenities to choose from working with this service. Not only can you get custom party favors and party supplies but they can completely customize the party experience. They have the capabilities to print in-house all of the designs, wording and visuals you want to see if the party. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation or sports celebration for less than 50 people she can accommodate all of your needs. Although drinks are on you she also has several connections to provide you with cupcakes, cookies and desserts.

This is a whole new experience when it comes to a Tulsa event planner for kids. There is no other service in the Tulsa Metro area that uniquely caters to kids in this fashion. It takes a special creative mind to understand what it takes to pull off a successful children’s birthday party. Stephanie of The Party Darling as years and years of experience in doing just that. She is dedicated to making your party planning process is stress-free and relaxing as possible. Give her a call at 918-884-7188 and get the party planning started today.

Tulsa’s Premier Event Planner

This article was written for The Party Darling.

To alleviate any of the frustrations and headaches that often come with planning large parties for your children pick up your phone and dial 918-884-7188. There you will be able to reach the premier Tulsa event planner for kids. The Party Darling is dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable and easy party planning experience in the Tulsa Metro area. Through many many years of successful party planning a party decorating founder Stephanie Eckman has come up with the most genius party planning service Oklahoma has to offer. She specializes in executing parties for over 50 people and allowing you the comfort to make memories to last a lifetime.

When the birthday party of your child comes up there are few things you want to focus on more than their happiness. However, this can be an overwhelming to try to take on alone. There are many unique details that go into putting on a birthday party for a child. To ensure your child has the most memorable experience that you are able to enjoy with them the planning services of The Party Darling are for you. This is your all-in-one stop for party favors, decorations and planning. This is a service that is been offering also the most unforgettable birthday parties for kids.

This is an especially useful service for families who have more than one children at home. Having more than one child means more than one birthday party in multiple special events throughout any given year. The Party Darling specializes in making each event you need unique and special to the person you are celebrating for. All of Stephanie’s years of experience come into play each time she sets down with client to plan a party. She can walk you through the process step-by-step going over each unique need and want your child has. This will not only be in the ring your child never forgets but will be a birthday party your friends and family remember forever.

There are far and few talk the event planners for kids in the Tulsa Metro area. With the lack of planners that specifically cater to children you are left to go with someone who is inexperience in your specific need. Although there are several great party planners in the Tulsa area they can often leave out many of the tedious details that make a child’s birthday party a huge success. The Party Darling has everything at her disposal to not only make the party a huge success but to bring you back time and time again for birthday parties, baby showers or even wedding showers. The services that The Party Darling has to offer extended far beyond a Tulsa event planner for kids.

This is one service you cannot afford to use for all of your birthday party and special event needs. Stephanie is dedicated to ensuring the year event will not only be affordable but will be the most memorable event of the year. Visit her website at to find any additional information on the multiple party packages she offers. Her packages start at $400 and require a $100 deposit upon reserving the date. The balance of the total is due one week prior to your event. Our services ensure that your event will be stress-free, fun and something to talk about for the rest of the year. She brings the experience and atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of at an affordable price directly to Tulsa.