Memorable Birthday Parties

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If you got birthday parties that are fast approaching for your children and are already overwhelmed seek the help of an assistance of The Party Darling. They specialize in providing the most memorable events through there Tulsa event planner for kids service. This is a service that will ensure your next event is memorable, fun and a huge success. Their years and years of experience that you will be granted access to and working with this company and pulling off your next big event. If you’ve got a party coming up for over 50 people pick up your phone and dial 918-884-7188 and see how The Party Darling can meet your needs.

The founder of The Party Darling is Stephanie Eckman and she has years and years of experience planning parties and decorating businesses. Through years of experience in planning and decorating she has pulled off some of the most successful parties in the Tulsa Metro area. Her services grew and demand exceedingly through friends and family and inspired her to go into business offering the service of the public. Her Tulsa event planner for kids service is one of the only planning services that is dedicated to children in the Tulsa area. Not only is she able to completely plan your entire event but she also has the ability to provide you with some of the most creative party supplies and favors.

The Party Darling is your all-in-one stop for party accessories and planning. They offer an extensive variety in printables and creative themed packages. Our packages can be as general or as detailed as you would like them depending on your situation. Each child is unique in what they like to do for fun, what their hobbies are in the role models they look up to. The Party Darling is able to capture everything your child wants and put it into one affordable package starting at $400. She has many different packages and options to choose from ensuring that every detail you can imagine is covered in your party or event.

This is a service that you truly can’t afford to miss out on. Skipping out on a service like this could inevitably cost you hundreds of more dollars and you had originally planned. The importance of working with a planner lies in the many details that most people often forget when trying to pull off an event. When you’re trying to feed, see and entertain more than 50 people it can be a very overwhelming task. The Party Darling makes this task streamlined and effortless by tediously going over every possible mishap or complication that might occur. This is a service that you can rest assured using knowing that your party or event will be completely taking care of start to finish.

This is the premiere party planner for children, adults and even businesses. The Party Darling specializes in a wide variety of events to make the most memorable times you can imagine. Working with her is a great joy knowing that she has the experience, the connections and the ability to make your dreams come true. For the parties and special events only happen for one reason. To create memories celebrating and honoring loved ones in our lives by gathering together and having a party. For your next party don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and dialed 918-884-7188 and see how The Party Darling can assist you in all of your planning needs.

Party Planning Made Easy

This article was written for Party Darling.

Any events for your children can be an overwhelming task to take on by yourself. There is one company that is bringing ease to Tulsa event planner for kids services. Owner and founder Stephanie Eckman is dedicated to providing Tulsa with the best party experience for both kids and adults. Her services are becoming a much-needed necessity when planning amazing and unforgettable parties. To see how she can help alleviate any stress of party planning call her at 918-884-7188. Party planning is her passion and she will make sure every aspect of your event is covered.

Stephanie’s passion for four event planning started from her years and years of planning her own family’s and friend’s events. She is also a full-time accountant with a full-time passion to help people plan parties and events with a guest list of more than 50. She finds it very exciting to craft themes, principles and the ins and outs of the entire event. With such an overwhelming task of planning a party it is truly best left to a professional such as Stephanie. She has the experience and creative mind to make your party a memorable event.

Not only does she provide amazing services as a Tulsa event planner for kids but also provides decorations and principles. Her principles can be found on her website She offers several different packages and themes to accommodate a wide variety of events. Although she has a heavy emphasis on birthday parties she also caters to baby showers, wedding showers and special events. She has the creative genius that it takes to make your next event one that you will remember for many years to come. Her services are not only memorable but affordable for all walks of life.

This is an extremely useful service for parents to have more than one child in the house. Having more than one child means having more than one birthday party every single year. Not only are you having more than one birthday party you’re having multiple special events for each child throughout any given season. After working with her just one time you’ll be coming back time and time again for her assistance in all of your party planning needs. Never again we try to take on the daunting task of planning your next event alone. With her help there is no stress, more time to party with your friends and more smiles to enjoy.

It’s easy to see how she makes party planning so easy. However doing it yourself is not nearly as easy as she makes it look. She has a created by, and energetic personality and is eagerly waiting to help you plan your next party. Her planning party packages start at $400 and require a $100 deposit. This is one of the most affordable prices in the Tulsa Metro area planning birthday parties and special events. To see how she can assist you in all of your salsa event planning for kids give her a call at 918-884-7188. With her many years of experience in accounting she is formed an affordable package that will help you create the most memorable moments you can’t put a price on.

Kids Party Planning

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Planning a party for over 50 people is a frightening task that is difficult to undertake alone. Many people try time after time as a Tulsa event planner for kids. Often, these parties run into an unforeseen disaster communication problem. These disasters are only unforeseen by people who have little party planning experience. The founder and owner of The Party Darling has several years of experience planning parties and events in the Tulsa area for herself and others. With her help you will be able to throw the best party or event that your family and friends have ever been to. To see how she can assist all of your Tulsa event planner for kids give her a call at 918-884-7188.

The summer comes to a close start so do the summer parties for children. Summer brings with it many pool parties, birthday parties and and even graduations. Stephanie Eckman founded The Party Darling with one thing in mind. To help create the most memorable party and event experience in the Tulsa Metro area. This idea was birthed from her own parties and events that were certainly saw after by her friends and family. After throwing dozens of parties for other people she decided to bring distress alleviating service to the world. Now, with the click of a button, you can get access to all of her great services found on her website. By visiting you can check out all of her pricing, packages and even pictures of previous events.

This is a service that not only affordable but is one that you can’t afford to skip out on. There is no need in running into any unforeseen complications at your next party or event due to a lack of experience in planning. This is one professional in the Tulsa area that is dedicated to planning the most memorable event imaginable. She caters to each event individually and theme, elements of fun and printable party favors. With her ability to combine expertise party planning with custom party favors and decorations you’re getting a service that is not offered anywhere else in Oklahoma.

Her party planning packages start at just 400 bucks for up to 20 guests within a charge of five dollars per additional person. Party packages she offer includes several amenities ranging from; free consultation, party invitations, thank you cards, food plates, napkins to themed party favors. This is your one stop shop for party planning services and event decorations. Each one of her decorations is cleverly crafted to meet your individual events needs. If your event requires tables, chairs banners and more she even has a package for that. This package starts at $1200 and offers literally everything that you could possibly imagine having at event.

Putting together a special event for someone is in a task that can be taken lightly. You are trying to create an atmosphere and an environment that will inspire everlasting memories and bonds between people. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks or risk running into unforeseen disasters by taking on this challenge alone. Seek out the expertise service that The Party Darling has to offer you. With a wide variety of packages, services and success stories from past events you can rest assure that your party will be the biggest hit the summer. Don’t hesitate to give her a call at 918-884-7188 and get your party planning started today. She specializes as a Tulsa event planner for kids and adults.