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What exactly is a Tulsa event designer for kids? The simplest way to put it is this is a person who has the skills and aptitude to create wonderfully amazing events for kids. An example of one of these people who bears this title is Stephanie Eckman at The Party Darling. Stephanie specializes in designing parties for children that include birthday parties, graduation parties, and other celebrations which have a guest list of 50 people or less. She’s extremely skilled at helping create and craft individualized custom themes for each party based on the child’s interests.

This business was sprouted out of Stephanie’s friends really enjoying her interior design skills and asking her to design and plan parties for their children. This is what landed Stephanie with the title of Tulsa event designer for kids. Stephanie is an accountant by day and a boutique custom children event planner by night. These two skills/careers intermingle perfectly. As an accountant, Stephanie is very precise with numbers, schedules, and efficiency. And as a skilled and trained interior designer Stephanie is very adept at knowing what colors go with what, what designs look best with what colors and how to stage a party for maximum wow effect. When you combine these two together, you have nearly the perfect event designer for kids.

So how much does it cost to have a party designed for your kids? Really that depends on how elaborate you want the party, and each event is unique. So the best way to figure out the price for your specific needs is to contact The Party Darling at 918-884-7188 or visit their website However as a general guideline children’s parties start at $400. Included in all packages are the actual part design, delivery of the items, set up a breakdown of the party, party supplies, and any other items that go along with the party. If you also want to include refreshments, cake, and beverages you can with a separate package.

With children’s parties, the packages are made for 20 guests including the guest of honor. If you have more guests than 20 that is not a big deal, you will just be charged an additional per guest rate after that first 20. The Party Darling can and will handle events of 50 people or more on a case-by-case basis. Before they say yes or no to a larger event, they want to ensure that they can do the absolute best possible job for that event. And that goes for any event they do they want to ensure that they are the best solution there is.

To throw a phenomenal party for your kids, you’re going to want to hire Stephanie Eckman,  Tulsa event designer for kids at The Party Darling. She will ensure that your party is the envy of the town. People will be talking about your kid’s party for years to come and will create lasting memories for your child and their friends. To learn more go to

3 Packages for Your Kids Perfect Party

This content was written for Party Darling

The Party Darling boasts Stephanie Eckman as their Tulsa event designer for kids. Stephanie is adept and skilled at creating events for kids that entertain, excite, and engage. Stephanie has done parties consisting of over 60 different themes and growing. She loves the challenge of a new theme and coming up with a way to make it come to life. For Stephanie believes there are only a few things greater than seeing a child’s eyes light up when they see the amazing party that has been created and thrown for them. True joy and excitement is seen in kids, and there is nothing on earth quite like it. Stephanie gets the opportunity to create that for children at each one of her parties.

Being the Tulsa event designer for kids that Stephanie is, she is given the opportunity to provide parents reward of seeing complete joy and surprise on the children’s face when she has designed a party for them. When your a parent there is nothing quite like seeing true and pure joy on your kid’s face. It will melt your heart every single time. This feeling of this event of pure bliss and joy is what Stephanie goes for in every single party she designs or plans.

Stephanie Eckman and the darling party service the greater Tulsa area. This is why Stephanie is referred to as the Tulsa event designer for kids. Now, with that said if you have an event that is more than 60 miles outside of the ZIP Code 74137 Stephanie will consider it on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that there will be a minimum of a $50 travel fee. However if your event is exciting enough, interesting enough, and you want it enough Stephanie, and The Party Darling will make it happen for you.

Stephanie and The Party Darling offer party planning, party printables, and party supplies. Basically, everything that you need to make your kids party customized to them and the theme, Stephanie will provide. If you want customer refreshments, beverages, and cake Stephanie can get that for you as well however it will be through one of her partner companies. Some of the themes of the parties that Stephanie has designed include cookies and cocoa, pink glam first birthday, pink and black first birthday, winter wonderland,  dinosaur party, strawberry shortcake party, beach party, pink mini mouse party, Cinderella party, frozen party, Peter rabbit party, under the sea party, and pirate Princess party. This is only a small sampling of the themed parties that Stephanie and The Party Darling have planned.

The Tulsa event designer for kids Stephanie Eckman of The Party offers three different packages when it comes to planning your kids party. The first one is the simple darling package starting a $400 and up to 20 guests. Second package is the just darling package which starts at $900 and serves up to 20 guests. The third and final package is the perfectly darling package which starts at $1200 and again is up to 20 guests.