Hiring a Kids Party Planner

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Are you looking for a kids event designer Tulsa? If you are your are in the exact right place because the Party Darling is exactly that. Many times it’s hard to find event planners and party planners that will design a party for 50 people or less. Most of them prefer to design parties for the bigger events and bigger venues exclusively. Which makes sense for them because they can make more money for about the same amount of work. However, the Party Darling specializes in groups that are 50 people or less. Further, when we are talking about kids birthday parties she plans parties for 20 people or less. To contact her call 918-884-7188.

It is a lot of work planning parties for your children. It is no easy task, and you don’t really have all the time in the world to get it done. You’re too busy either going to work or running your kids around from sport to sport and activity to activity. The last thing you have time for is to plan and design a party for your child. However, you want to make sure that they have an awesome party. That’s when you call in the kids event designer Tulsa, The Party Darling.

The Party Darling starts children’s party packages at just $400. You could barely plan a party yourself for less than $400, and she is planning the party and providing everything for you ready to rock ‘n roll. The party darling is an expert when it comes to planning kids events. It doesn’t matter how old your kid is, it could be an event for their birthday, or it could be for their graduation from high school or college. It doesn’t matter The Party Darling is an expert when it comes to planning parties of 50 people or less for your kids.

You may be wondering what all is included in the Party Darling’s party planning package. In other words, if she is a kids event designer Tulsa what exactly goes into her design? That is a fair and legitimate question. The Party Darling’s standard package includes the following: party design, delivery, set up and break down, party supplies, printables, and decor. As you may have noticed there are no refreshments, cake, or food of any sort on that list. That is because The Party Darling does not provide that directly as part of her service. However, she is able to provide the cake, refreshments, and beverages from one of her partners if that is something that is wanted.

If you don’t have the time or the patience to plan your kid’s party than your best bet is to hire The Party Darling to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. The Party Darling is sure that your kid will have so much fun at their party that they’ll be thanking you for years. The Party Darling loves to see and hear about how much fun the kids had at the parties she plans.

Kids Party Planner Tulsa

This content was written for Party Darling

A kids event designer Tulsa can be hard to find. That is because there just isn’t many party planners out there that want to design small events. Most of the party planning companies out there want to design and host big events with a lot of people so they can make a decent amount of money from that one event. Stephanie the founder and chief party planner over at The Party Darling is the exact opposite of these bigger party planning companies. She actually specializes in designing amazing parties that host 50 people or less. To call her to design your next party dial 918-884-7188.

Stephanie, the resident kids event designer Tulsa at The Party Darling, wants to help you throw the absolute best and most amazing party you possibly can for your child. She loves nothing more than to hear about how happy and magical the event was for the child and for the parent. You see, many times when the parents end up planning the party they’re spending the entire party trying to make sure that everything is perfect. When they’re spending the entire party trying to make sure everything’s perfect they miss out on enjoying watching the joy of their child experience the party.

When you put the party planning into Stephanie’s hands at The Party Darling, you can enjoy watching your kid enjoying the party. Isn’t this what being a parent really is all about? At least isn’t this what makes being a parent worth it all? Why in the world then would you want to miss seeing the peer bliss and joy in your child as they experience such an amazing party planned by Stephanie at  The Party Darling. If you are afraid of the price tag that you think would be associated with a kids event designer Tulsa don’t be. I can assure you that you will end up spending more time and money planning the party yourself than you will if you have Stephanie at The Party Darling do it for you.

Just imagine all that time that you will save by allowing somebody else like Stephanie, to design and plan the party for you. Don’t you think there are 100 other more useful things that you can do than plan your child’s party when you can just hire a professional to do it? Stephanie knows how to get the cheapest things and how to plan the party and the fastest most efficient way possible. She does this way more often than you do it and therefore is way more efficient at it than you are. So she is likely to save you money, and she will definitely save you time.

If you want to have the absolute best party for your kid, then your best option is to hire Stephanie as your kid’s event designer. She will ensure that your child’s party is absolutely and utterly amazing. Give her a call and 918-844-7188 to discuss the details in depth and book your party.

Hassle Free Kids Party

This content was written for Party Darling

How many times have you tried to find a kids event designer Tulsa only to turn up empty-handed? Not anymore because Stephanie with The Party Darling is rocking and rolling. Stephanie at The Party Darling specializes in kids parties and parties under 50 people. For kids birthday parties, for example, she plans the party size to be 20 people or less. The reason that it’s so hard to find a kids event designer Tulsa is because many times kids events only have a small number of guests. Most party planning and event designing companies don’t want to deal with these types of events. To contact Stephanie call 918-884-7188.

Stephanie at The Party Darling is excited to talk to you about any kids event that you have coming up big or small. Although she does specialize in events that are 50 people or less that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the skill or ability to do events that are bigger. By and large, though she saw a need in the marketplace for the smaller events. That is why she specializes in it and it allows her to really customize the party for everybody coming. This is part of it that she really enjoys. With the bigger parties, it is much more difficult to customize the party for each guest.

The  Party Darling starts their children’s party package at just $400. Now that is kind of a roundabout price point because each party is different. One thing that is for sure is the $100 deposit to have Stephanie start working on your kid’s party. These days, even if you are planning a party yourself, it is hard to throw your child a party for under $400. Stephanie at The Party Darling is masterful at making sure that she is as economical as possible and is able to pass those savings on to the end user.

Stephanie, the resident kids event designer Tulsa at The Party Darling, is extremely passionate about making sure that every single little detail is taken care of at her parties. She is a stickler for making sure that the party goes off without a hitch. She wants people to enjoy the party and not have anything to get in the way of the fun. She is an accountant by trade, and she brings that accountant mentality over to her party planning when it comes to organization and prep work.

Paying attention to the little things and the details is  part of what makes Stephanie at the  Party Darling so successful. Planning parties is stressful, and there are a lot of things to manage. Since Stephanie, with her accounting background, is so regimented and on top of things she makes sure that everything gets done on time and on budget. She wants to ensure that not only your kid has a fun time during their party but that you have a fun time during the party. She knows that can only happen if all the details are taking care of during the planning process.