Childs Birthday Party Planning

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Are you looking for a kids event designer Tulsa for your child’s next birthday party or graduation party? Stephanie of the Party Darling is a party planning expert and designs amazing events for children. She absolutely loves to put on custom events that wow the guests and of course the guest of honor. She would love to be able to plan your child’s next event.  If you don’t have the time, or you still want to plan a smashing event for your child’s next big success or six birthday party give Stephanie over at the Party Darling a call to plan the party for you her phone number is 918-884-7188.

Resident kids event designer Tulsa Stephanie at the Party Darling specializes in designing events that are going to have a guest list of 50 people or less. She likes this category because she felt there was a need for party planners who wanted to handle a little bit smaller of an event. Most of the event planners out there won’t even touch an event that doesn’t have over 50 people. So she saw a huge need and a gap in the market, and she decided to fill it. She absolutely loves what she does. With the smaller events, she is able to create a more unique and custom experience for the guests and guests of honor.

This really is what she likes to do. She likes to create custom and unique experiences for people to enjoy and be excited about. This really is why she wanted to be a kids event designer Tulsa. She wanted to be able to light up and excite people with the whimsical and fun themes she does for these parties. She loves to take a parents idea and bring it to life in the physical world. There is something that is very exciting and gratifying for Stephanie about bringing a vision or an idea into reality in these kids parties.

Stephanie started out in college as an interior designer. She did not finish as an interior designer as she decided that being an accountant was the better road to take. However, the interior design bug never seemed to leave her side. Her friends love the way that she designed her house and were always coming over looking at her new ideas and what she’s been doing tp design her house. Eventually, that turned into them wanting to have her design parties for their children. So she started designing parties for their children and word got out, and her business started to build.

The funny thing is, is that she wasn’t trying to build a business. That’s how good she is as a kid event designer Tulsa. Business was forced on her because of the skill she had. You know you got something good when people start asking for it out of the blue without you having to advertise. That is the sign of a good business and a good skill. Call her today to get her on the schedule for your child’s next party 918 84 718.

he Perfect Party for your Kid

This content was written for Party Darling

If you’re in need of a stellar kids event designer Tulsa, look no further than Stephanie at The Party Darling. She is the type of person who is absolutely all in when it comes to her party planning. She will sit down with you one-on-one to determine exactly what you want and exactly what you don’t want for your party for your kid. Once she has the entire roadmap laid out she will go to work in making it happen. She loves to bring a parents ideas and vision for the perfect party into reality and into life. To schedule an appointment with her give her a call at 918-884-7188.

She is excited to talk to you about your next event for your child. She loves to design events for children because children love everything. Everything is so whimsical and fun for them that she has a lot of fun designing these types of parties. Stephanie specializes in parties that are of 50 people or less. For her children’s birthday parties she typically plans those for 20 people or less. However, if you have more than that just let her know on the phone call, and she will figure it out for you.

How cool would it be if your kids event designer Tulsa was able to create custom printable pieces for you and your kid’s party? Pretty freaking cool if you ask me. Well, that’s exactly what Stephanie at The Party Darling will do for you when you hire her to design your child’s party. Included in the standard package for party planning at the Party Darling is, of course, the party design and the party delivery. Also included is the setup and the breakdown of the party. Then come the party supplies and the decor for the party which can be super fun. And last but not least is the printables.  The printables can be custom made and designed for your party.

Stephanie is a full-time accountant by trade. She became the kids event designer Tulsa more out of necessity and peer pressure than anything else. She did start in college wanting to be an interior designer.  This interior designing experience has helped her tremendously in being able to create amazing parties for the children of Tulsa. With the combination of the two the artsy side of the interior design and the analytical side of the accountant she is able to throw pretty much the perfect party. To throw a perfect party, you need to have both. She has the artsy and design side to ensure that everything looks good and matches. However, she also has the analytical and the “stack your ducks all in a row” side which allows the party smooth operation.

It is critical that your party designer is able not only to create amazing designs and themes for your child’s party, but they also need to be able to actually implement and get everything where it needs to be on time. Stephanie at The Party Darling is able to do both of these things masterfully.